My scare turned out to be scar tissue. Thank goodness!!!!!!!

My Dr. confirmed my scare while walking was scar tissue that broke away.  So thankful. He said this often happens and it can be painful initially but everything looks good. Started my rehab and getting better range of motion.

3 days out of walking boot/INCIDENT/NOW WORRIED

I am three days out of the walking boot and while walking in my living room I experienced an incident. I was trying to work on starting better motion (heel to toe) and I felt something and then pain.  I spoke with on call doctor and he feels it could be scar tissue or sutures; however, with the long weekend I will not be able to visit my surgeon until Tuesday.  I definitely don’t feel I did anything wrong; therefore I  will be really upset if I did something to put me behind again. I will go back into the boot to be safe. I would appreciate any insight from anyone if this is something that could be expected. I am not really in pain now but where the pain was it feels tender.

8 weeks post op and now out of walking boot

Had dr appointment this morning and I have been given the ok to start walking, swimming, and biking.  Too bad summer is practically over. Lol  Walking around house gingerly now.  Feels good. Two more months and hopefully back on the golf course.  I wish everyone who is in recovery the best. I know it is a work in progress but thankful for the progress I am making.

Now down to one crutch and even ok without it

Just a few days ago I posted how I was gun shy. After speaking with my nurse and getting confidence with some other posts, I am now down to one crutch and even tried walking without it and did not have any pain.  The next step is removal of one wedge.  I am going on vacation next week and look forward to actually being able to do some activities. I will still bring my scooter so I do not put too much stress on it but glad I can also go without it at times. Best to everyone going through this difficult experience.

4 weeks out of surgery and a little gun shy

I have been put in the boot and told by dr to start putting full weight bearing as tolerated.  To be honest I am a bit gun shy and fear of overdoing it for fear of re-rupture. I spoke to nurse today and she told me as long as I am in the boot there is no fear of re-rupture. I know I need to progress just concerned. Currently I use a scooter to get around mostly. Any comments would be appreciated.

Cast off now into boot for 6 weeks

Just got hard cast off yesterday. I am 3 weeks post surgery.  My incision looks ok but a couple spots are not completely healed. My doctor said it looked good though.  Now I go into the boot for 6 weeks with adjusting the heel every two weeks. I am also going to Florida in a couple weeks. I will take my kneel scooter but hope to walk in my boot as well.  Hope all goes well.

Stitches out

Yesterday I had my stitches out and now have a hard cast on for a week. Next week I will be put in a walking boot. Looking forward to being able to walk with boot. So far the process has not been to bad but I believe the important part is having patience.

Today was a good day. Off of pain meds except ibuprofen which I take for another condition. This time next week I will have my stitches out hopefully and will begin next phase in recovery.

5 days since Surgery

Hello all

Well this is my 5th day since surgery and so far so good I think.  Bed rest at all times besides restroom visits is getting old but I am trying to follow dr’s orders.  I will say the pain medication works( Percocet) but plan for constipation( no fun at all).  Please use a stool softener and I found prunes and milk of magnesia to be helpful. I am looking forward to the end of this 2 weeks. Sponge baths are not nearly as complete but they will have to do, and always keep elevated above heart. Stay tuned!!!!

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