Dec 21 2008


Six Months-ish…Progress, but its slower than hoped

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Hey ATRs….its been about two months since I posted, but I’ve been reading and sending good vibes to the new folks and those progressing.  Good to hear of all your golfing and basketball stories.

I’ve been able to travel bootless- to Hawaii, to Maimi (CRAZY!), and to California for ThanksgivingI - but I still can’t really wear any shoes other than sturdy tennis shoes.  (Ladies - when did you start putting on heels for work or going out again?)

Now that there is snow in these Oregon hills I can wear my snow boots and they seem to be 90% comfortable. I’m very aware that I will NOT be skiing this winter.  Will have to rest in the lodge with a brandy I suppose.


I defnitely thought I would be running by now, but that has been slow.  In fact, I mistakenly played “chicken” with the cars on main street, and it was a little difficult to get out of the way….just couldn’t get any speed.  I started up with a second round of PT because I’ve been discouraged at how tight my achilles is - not just in the mornings.  He is doing 12 sessions of this shea butter massage with an odd plastic tool.  He does the whole length of my ATR leg and foot.  It hurts/feels good.  Its suppose to generate collagen and “correct” cell growth and shake up the bad ones.  Anyone else doing this?

I can ride the bikes at the gym without much effort, but its not the type of workout I like.  So last week I hopped on the treadmill and am determined by Feb to be able to run three miles even if its the slowest ever.  My personal goal was to do a 5k by April (at 10 months) .    I’m still hopeful.

I’m encouraged by this site and my PT to take up swimming for cardio and weight loss.  Seems the lbs I lost post surgery are back …..humph.  I think its the egg nog and xmas cookies.

Anyway, here are some pics of my house with the recent snow.  Gorgeous.  I feel for anyone starting out on this journey if you live in the ice and snow.  I’m not sure how I would have handled the crutches and the cast.  A weak leg is bad enough.

Happy Holidays and go Bears next Saturday.  I’ll take some comparison/scar pics next time and post them.


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  2. Jimon 21 Dec 2008 at 1:56 pm 2

    I felt the same way at six months. I expected to be further along. I had no speed when I wanted it. I’m just over 9 months and am a lot further along, it’s just slow…. I have been jumping rope quite a bit and doing any hopping exercises I can think of to get the spring back in my step. I can jog now without any feeling of tightness, but just can get up on my toes of the bad foot.


  3. tennisjunkieon 21 Dec 2008 at 3:14 pm 3

    Hey KKdub– I echo Jim’s thoughts. I was rather disappointed in my 6 month progress, especially the soreness I had anytime I did anything like a little run or a big walk, or some of the stepping exercises. However, somewhere between mont 7 and 8, it hit a new, nice normal feeling. I feel some tightness, but I really feel good. I ran yesterday for 2.5 miles on the treadmill, and just walked today for over an hour. No pain, almost forget it was injured.

    So, you WILL get there….give it a little more time, and I am sure you will be really pleased when it starts to feel NORMAL. Yes, NORMAL. It will happen!!

  4. Andyon 21 Dec 2008 at 9:28 pm 4


    I had the shea butter/crazy tool treatment about 2 yrs ago. It was good for overall muscle tissue and I could see it possibly helping for the AT; however I think it is borderline quack-like too–it is expensive and I think it was recommended to me because I have excellent health insurance (my problem ended up being the beginning of arthritis in my knees, which was found later by a different doc; the shea butter/tool treatment did nothing for this). I would be interested in hearing if it helps the AT though.

    Also, as you start running more please update–I am a runner as well and would love to get back. :) Good luck going forward too!

  5. Matton 21 Dec 2008 at 10:09 pm 5


    I am in PT right now, just north of you in Eugene, and was having trouble getting strength in my calf. My PT suggested the treatment you are talking about with tool and shea butter. It is called ASTYM. Not sure what that stands for but it is for improving blood flow in dysfunctional tissue. After my first one I wondered how it would work but I have done three now and have already been able to gain over an inch of lift on a single calf raise. I’d have to say it works because until I started I seemed stuck. It hurts when they focus on the calf muscle and I am WAYYYY ticklish on my feet so you can imagine how that went on the first visit!!! I am a little over 4 months and the ASTYM seems to have gotten me over the plateau that everyone seems to hit. We had a snowbal fight at work and I was able to run away from a would be attacker. I didn’t think about my leg until after. That was nice!! Keep pushing, you’ll get past the hump. Come say hi if you’re ever up in Eugene!!!

  6. Smishon 22 Dec 2008 at 6:54 am 6

    kkdub: I had a similar treatment on my Achilles called Graston. The instruments used on me were stainless steel. It was miserable while it was going on but it definitely helped loosen up my Achilles and broke down scar tissue. I usually had bruises after each treatment but I did feel like it helped me a lot. You can google “Graston” and read more about it. The Graston web site usually helps you find local providers as well.
    Happy Healing!

  7. Sanfrantourguideon 22 Dec 2008 at 2:05 pm 7

    I am at Week 27, near you in progress. My main advantage, apparently, is that I am content with walking normally - the thought of running, skiing, jumping, etc. doesn’t appeal at all. However, I am so sorely tempted to burst into a dance when I hear good music on the radio - and that is EXACTLY how this rupture occurred back in June! SO I stop myself from any great enthusiasm, alas, and fight against re-weight gain by eating superhealthy, no cookies or cakes, regardless of the season. Commitment is the only way - or the struggle starts again, oy weh.


  8. Carloson 23 Dec 2008 at 11:39 am 8

    I suffered a total rupture in my left AT, went trough Surgery back in July 2007.
    Took me just 7 months to start walking and 9 months to start running, I believe the most important is to forget about the injury and do your best everyday, but please do not force it, it will come back to normal.
    Today I can run 4-6 miles daily with no issues at all, but it´s important to mention that my AT never came back to the same size, and the stiffness is still there , but I think I learned to live with it.
    Believe me you will get there and life come backs to normal