Sep 01 2008


9 weeks 4 days - doing a few normal things (pics)

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Hi Friends.  Here is the latest.



I took my first trip out of town down to the Bay Area (CA) for work.  Lots of walking around and lots of goofing around but all in all survived it walking no crutches/swelling until TODAY!  I’ve been elevating now for a couple of hours and its just starting to chill out a bit.


I’m posting  a bunch of pics.  One of me returning the wheel chair in the back of the jeep – ahhhhh. Also am doing some normal things like planting flowers and drinking wine on my deck!    You can see my incision healing nicely although lots of swelling at the ankle and bottom of incision due to all the activity this last week.  I’m walking up and down stairs but only in the boot.  My  PT has me walking short distances without shoes/boot but doesn’t recommend I should do this at home yet.  Note also the picutre of Squishy on my keyboard - this is new since the injury….can’t be comfortable.




My first PT ROM measurement was a “1”, and I’m up to a “6” now.  I’m trying to get to normal range of 11 (this is equal to my good foot).  I’m not sure why my PT measures in numbers rather than percentages.


I don’t experience too much pain (except today – but its more dull) but my foot/leg does get tired easily.  I’m doing 15 mins on the bike at the GYM – and its so nice to be going back to the gym.  I think the last three weeks of PT has really been helping.  We’ve also just started single leg presses – boy that was a mental scary one to get over.


Go Bears.  kkdub


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  1. dennison 02 Sep 2008 at 8:26 am 1

    kkdub - looks like your scar is healing very well. (It looks very similar to Brendan’s scar.) Love the pictures. Which camera are you using? The pictures came out very well.

    Keep at it with the PT! :)

  2. hobbliton 05 Sep 2008 at 8:16 am 2

    kkdub, so you’re still hanging on to the boot, nostalgia?

    I use a cane with my 2 shoes to go up and down stairs now.

  3. damacaron 09 Sep 2008 at 2:36 pm 3

    Hey kkdub! Our scars are almost identical. Feels so good to be semi normal huh?

    There is a fine line between not enough activity and too much. My ankle swells up if I don’t do enough, and swells up if I do too much. Boy was I hurtin after the Huskie game! Walking around in the gravel, up and down the ramp, up and down the stairs, whew! (And…again…everyone thought I was staggering not limping LOL!) It was exciting since a few months ago I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to go to the games. I’m definately anxious to have my final appt and hopefully get THE go ahead of all go aheads!

    Go Ducks!