Jul 28 2008


Week 5 ….cool healing, and cheers its my birthday!

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HI!  I’m in the fifth week - and I’m about 30lbs PWB.  No PT yet, and my 2nd Doc  appt is in two weeks (will be 7 week post op).  So how am I doing on my Birthday today?

Well… a couple strips of the medi tape have fallen off, and I think that is helping the upper incision heal.  I spent a LOT of time airing out my leg.  A LOT of time.  The scab is looking better for the upper half of the incision, but the incision under the remaining tapes looks a little scary.  I’m not touching it.  I do agree with folks on this blog that the boot rubs and irritates the scar/incision - so important to wear good protection/socks and air it out.

(If you REALLY want to see it, click on the pics to make them larger - ohhhh cool - where else is it acceptable to show all these CRAZY gross pics?)



I did have some more snake skin appear today after shower - thought I was done with the dead skin a week ago.  hmmmmm.  I’m also a little jealous of anyone that has less than 10 inch scar.  Bigger is NOT better :-)

I bought some granny supprt-sox, an achillestraino dealy, and some other stuff at footmart based on a post this weekend (ty!!!).  Will do some reviews and let you know.

I wish I had some witty speak, or turtle pics (still laughing Richard), but I’m just happy to say that I’m moving along, and happy that time DOES pass.  I’m a little bummed that I’m not taking my Euro vacation - my friends all leave on Saturday for a 3 week Baltic Sea trip.  I know many of you have taken early vacations - Grand Canyon, preso’s  etc, but I just could not take the idea of my friends carrying me around, or having to “hold up” at every museum door.  I would have had to use crutches the whole time with only PWB.  At least I have a friend that will take me to Vegas for my 3 month ATR celebration.  Lets see, thats around Sept 26th. (ugh, but YAY!!!)

Well, I’m going to be out celebrating my bday tonight - I’ll do a cheers to my ATR friends!


ps - the first of three weddings is next Friday.  Will post for the ladies what fashion items I decide to wear with boot, I appreciate everyone’s support on my last post.  I’ll probably decide at the last minute, but damn….if the shoe were on the other foot…. 

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  1. Hollyon 28 Jul 2008 at 5:10 pm 1


    One word best describes that incision…’ouch!’.

    I glad you’re on the road to recovery and losing weight without running, cardio, or whatever else that burns the fat (wink)…for that my friend, you are a lucky-lucky girl!

  2. Sueon 28 Jul 2008 at 5:29 pm 2

    you need to translate for me - what is PWB? I figure its “something” - Boot. and 30lbs PWB?
    you can make up cool stories about that scar for the rest of your life: ice climbing injury, kicking a knife out of bad guys hand, etc.
    happy bday girl.

  3. drahcir61on 28 Jul 2008 at 5:43 pm 3

    Happy Bday … woo hoo!!! I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do, some way to celebrate, maybe dancing to some 80s music!!! Oh wait, guess you tried that already. ;-)

    The turtle, aka Speedy, says he’ll race you next time you get to Atlanta. He wants to prove it wasn’t a fluke! Keep smiling …


  4. hilary13on 28 Jul 2008 at 7:44 pm 4

    Happy happy birthday! Have a wonderful night out with your friends. I have an anniversary and a birthday in the next month…I hope I feel like celebrating too! Love your spirit!


    Btw, your scar looks great. I have to admit I like seeing the pics…makes what is happening to my own body less scary. (Daughter of a surgeon, can you tell?) I am too afraid to change my dressing on my own, will wait until appt. next week. Was red at last visit, so just hoping for the best.

  5. dennison 28 Jul 2008 at 10:56 pm 5

    Happy Birthday! :)

  6. anniehon 29 Jul 2008 at 12:01 am 6

    Hope you had a very happy birthday


  7. edformanon 29 Jul 2008 at 6:03 am 7

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Scar looks great! The part still under the strips reminds me of mine - leave those strips on until they fall off by themselves (despite being tempted to peel). That area often takes longer to heal - poor blood flow, not much skin between outer layer and tendon and the boot rubs against it - you are doing right by airing it out as much as you can and protect it in the boot. As you get to be more PWB and move to FWB in the boot, it actually may become more of an issue - watch it carefully.

    Any by the way, that scar is NOWHERE NEAR 10″ :-) Mine is a full 6 - measured it - any yours is shorter than that!!

    I don’t blame you on the vacation - I couldn’t bring myself to go either. Vegas sounds great though! Something to look forward to…


  8. damacaron 29 Jul 2008 at 9:35 am 8

    Happy Birthday fellow Oregon girl!

  9. kkdubon 29 Jul 2008 at 9:44 am 9

    OK OK OK Edforman - you are right…I just measured….5 1/2 inches - YOU win. (Dennis - is this too gross?? Should we have an average length of scar/incision? as part of tracker? ha!). Thanks for calling me out Ed. I actually hadn’t measured it…. just was not feeling so lady like with such a long scar so it felt good to just exaggerate. I’m jealous of all the men out there that get to just wear flat dress shoes for the rest of their lives. I’m not sure I’ll be in lady like shoes/heels for quite some time. OK enuff with the pity.

    Thanks all for the bday comments. Had a great time with all the little kids and family (about 15 of us) at the local brewery.

    Damacar - open invite to come to Ashland anytime. We’ll get StageOgre to give us free theater tickets. Bring hubbie and other ATR friends, we’ll cocktail in the park.

  10. damacaron 29 Jul 2008 at 9:56 am 10

    That’d be great. Between you, me, stageogre and Kate (the other atr here) we could have a 4 legged race!! haha. I’m all for cocktails! If we don’t make it by end of summer, spring would be great!

  11. edformanon 29 Jul 2008 at 1:40 pm 11

    Gotcha by 1/2″!! My surgeon told me the initial incision was only 3″ but the tendon had recoiled all the way up into my calf so they had to cut more to go find it. Imagine how thrilled I was to hear that!! Just treat it kindly - until everything is fully closed and scabs are all off, don’t be mean to that incision!!!


  12. damacaron 29 Jul 2008 at 2:23 pm 12

    BTW, my scar is almost as long as a dollar bill, y’all. i’m at work and don’t have a tape measure or ruler, LOL.

  13. kkdubon 29 Jul 2008 at 2:48 pm 13

    D - dollar bill is about 6 inches. Nice work.

  14. paigefifi1on 29 Jul 2008 at 3:20 pm 14

    happy birthday! I was so curious about how long my scar is so I ran (figuratively :p) to get the tape measure out. I measure at 4.5 inches.
    I am now 6 weeks and looking forward to being PWB. I have often wondered what exactly PWB means-with crutches? Or PWB doesn’t count if it is during PT? I am 60lbs PWB w/crutches only at PT…I can PWB with crutches at home but not elsewhere.
    I look forward to hearing your wedding stories-as I am the matron of honor for an Aug 29 wedding. Your insights will be helpful!

  15. hobbliton 30 Jul 2008 at 2:34 am 15

    Hmm, I measured today and my scar is only 3″ … but it was cold and my leg was flaccid so don’t judge! :)

    Happy birthday!