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Jul 28 2008

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Week 5 ….cool healing, and cheers its my birthday!

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HI!  I’m in the fifth week - and I’m about 30lbs PWB.  No PT yet, and my 2nd Doc  appt is in two weeks (will be 7 week post op).  So how am I doing on my Birthday today?

Well… a couple strips of the medi tape have fallen off, and I think that is helping the upper incision heal.  I spent a LOT of time airing out my leg.  A LOT of time.  The scab is looking better for the upper half of the incision, but the incision under the remaining tapes looks a little scary.  I’m not touching it.  I do agree with folks on this blog that the boot rubs and irritates the scar/incision - so important to wear good protection/socks and air it out.

(If you REALLY want to see it, click on the pics to make them larger - ohhhh cool - where else is it acceptable to show all these CRAZY gross pics?)



I did have some more snake skin appear today after shower - thought I was done with the dead skin a week ago.  hmmmmm.  I’m also a little jealous of anyone that has less than 10 inch scar.  Bigger is NOT better :-)

I bought some granny supprt-sox, an achillestraino dealy, and some other stuff at footmart based on a post this weekend (ty!!!).  Will do some reviews and let you know.

I wish I had some witty speak, or turtle pics (still laughing Richard), but I’m just happy to say that I’m moving along, and happy that time DOES pass.  I’m a little bummed that I’m not taking my Euro vacation - my friends all leave on Saturday for a 3 week Baltic Sea trip.  I know many of you have taken early vacations - Grand Canyon, preso’s  etc, but I just could not take the idea of my friends carrying me around, or having to “hold up” at every museum door.  I would have had to use crutches the whole time with only PWB.  At least I have a friend that will take me to Vegas for my 3 month ATR celebration.  Lets see, thats around Sept 26th. (ugh, but YAY!!!)

Well, I’m going to be out celebrating my bday tonight - I’ll do a cheers to my ATR friends!


ps - the first of three weddings is next Friday.  Will post for the ladies what fashion items I decide to wear with boot, I appreciate everyone’s support on my last post.  I’ll probably decide at the last minute, but damn….if the shoe were on the other foot…. 

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Jul 26 2008

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Ok sssshhhhh, I have a stinky boot

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Hey you boot people out there.  I’ve had the boot for over two weeks and will be needing it for at least another month…..I wear clean socks.  I’ve been bathing.  I promise.  I’m out of the boot for an hour or two each day……but my boot is stinky (or its going to get there by next weekend)….any tips for washing it?  thanks much.

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Jul 21 2008

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1st week w/boot, atrophy and some progress…pics

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Hello out there.  Today I am 3 weeks and a couple days post op, and one full week with “das boot”. A couple things I would like to report.

1.  It’s so great to shower without a cast.  My “snake skin” is gone - but that was about three showers worth of loofah, and lotion love.  My bruise is still pretty gangster looking.  Picture does not do it justice :-)

2.  The doc wants me to take some steps - in the boot -  in his office on August 14th  - four weeks with boot, six weeks post op.  So this first week I practiced just sitting with both feet on the floor.  The first couple of times were scary but now it actually feels like a good stretch.  I have three heel lifts in my boot.  I guess this week, I need to try and take a few steps with one crutch - but I’m scared.

3.  I am now the proud owner of a chicken leg (L - ATR)- not sure how well these picts show this, but its pretty noticeable live and in person.  I have a trainer come five days a week for upper body workouts but I’m pretty discouraged about the chicken leg, and am worried about cardio & being out of shape when i can finally do something.

4.  No PT yet for me.  I see a bunch of you at around 2-3 weeks post op and headed to PT.  HMMMM.  I appreciate the posting of the stretches, b/c I’ve definitely  been doing some of those suggestions while I elevate on the couch with out the boot on.  That at least feels like I’m contributing to my own recovery.

5.  To date, I have had zero swelling or other incision issues I’ve read about on the site.  I have turned my couch into my home office - lucky to work from home - so my foot is elevated most of the day.   I’m still early, and the tape is still on.  The boot does rub on the wound and I find it most annoying when I’m sleeping at night….when did others “dare” to take off the boot for sleeping?

6.  Friends and Family - HUGE shout out to those that have visited, made me meals, lots and lots of meals…  I love all the cards and flowers, and I’ve loved those friends that have stopped by to bring me mochas, or reading materials, and those that kidnap me just to get me out of the house.  Since I live alone, I couldn’t have done this without you!  Hopefully just another couple of weeks before I walk and can carry my own laundry and do my own dishes.  Go Uncle Bob for fixing my deck lighting!

I’m posting a few extra pictures.  one of my boot (someone wanted to see what one looked like) and a couple of my helpers that actually don’t help at all - Squishy and Roxy. In fact they take up most of the room on the couch that I try to use to elevate my leg…  Although I understand that these little animals may have healing powers of their own.  Roxy likes to sleep on the boot.  Wish she could get coffee like our new friend Captain Morgan (great shot by the way).


 My spirits remain pretty high.  I have a supportive work environment and of course family/friends.  I do miss running and dream about it regularly.  Someday that dream will actually be real….RIGHT????


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Jul 14 2008

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First Appt Post Op - Boot and pics

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hey ATR’s ….i had my first post op appt today at 2 weeks  + 4days.  The good news?  No additional casts - Straight to the boot. (Dennis, don’t I get to advance in my marathon just a little bit more due to milestone? ha!)  I did get to snap a few pics after she took the stiches out (slightly embarassing with out a leg shave as a chick, but I suppose thats how it goes).

So my boot has three lifts.  In four weeks I go back and they’ll take out a lift, and then I’m suppose to start putting weight on it and ditch the crutches about week 6.  After all the lifts are gone - I’ll get the boot off - but should be walking in boot - and then 2 shoes.  So I’m still 12 weeks out, but its looking good.

I have three weddings to go to in August and Sept.  Looks like I’ll be in the boot…any suggestions from the ladies out there what the heck I’m suppose to wear for shoes with a dress and a boot???  I’ll post pics of whatever I wear for sure. 

I at least feel I’ve made it to the next stage, whatever that may bring.  I’m taking myself out to sushi tonight to celebrate!

(click to make larger - although I’m not sure you want to -  its ugly u-g-l-y) With different lighting on my camera so you could really see the stiches!  Notice the HUGE dark bruise on my heel - this is cast and injury related and should go down in the next couple weeks.

Long dark incisions - ugh

After stiches are out, and pre boot.

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Jul 13 2008

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Day in the Life of ATR - Week 2 + 3days Post Op

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Hello Friends.  I don’t have much exciting to write except that I’m now a month out from my injury and I’m BORED and no longer have the “this is so new” feeling.  No more firsts such as….cool new cast, fun to watch movies, people making me meals, going to potty, creative showering, getting a good nights sleep, driving (YES I drove yesterday), stop taking meds, being out with the crutches etc etc. 

I’m not really down, more just bored.  I usually go to San Francisco a couple times a month for my job and obviously won’t be going for at least another two months at this point.  And I miss running everyday.  Oh how I miss running.

I did get out for a couple hours yesterday and that helped to lift my spirits, but I’m back to the couch today, leg up.  I think I’m on my eighth movie of the day.

I get to see the surgeon for the first time post op tomorrow - hopefully I’ll get my stitches out and some news about the days coming.  Seems like there are folks that had surgery around the same time that have already had their post op appts.  Maybe I’m just sooooooooo bored tonight b/c I’m so antsy  pants to get to the surgeon for the next phase!  I’ll let everyone know the next steps tomorrow.  Maybe in next phase, I can have “firsts” again, going to Walmart and playing on the scooter, getting in the swimming pool, starting PT, taking off boot for showering etc.

Keep posting.  They all keep me going.  KK

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Jul 08 2008

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TINGLY…Very Tingly…normal?

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Hey ATR friends….I’m 12 days post op and was doing great (enough to go out to the parade, BBQ and Fireworks on July 4th) in terms of pain, and swelling etc.  However, starting last night, I’ve had extreme tingly toes, heel, calf.  I wouldn’t really call it pain.  I was up for about 4-15 minute eating/cleaning spurts this morning, but elevated the rest of today and the tingly feeling (I’m sure this is not the technical medical term) has NOT subsided.  My toes are good color (not white or purple), and I can wiggle them with no discomfort.  The tingly feeling is just really annoying now that its been about 24 hours.   Should I be concerned, or have you experienced this about my time frame - weeks 2-3 post op?

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Jul 02 2008

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Cast Condom? It works

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Just a quick post.  A friend just dropped off this Cast cover for shower today - and it was GREAT.  I’m sure we all have our preferences - duct tape, garbage bag etc, but I really thought this was better than that.  No leaks and easy.  I’m going to wear one every time I do it ;-)

Aqua Armor.  It has long condom like bag and the closure is rubber and seals up to the skin above the cast.



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Jul 01 2008

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Surgery and 1st 72 hrs…some pics

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THE SURGERY:  OK, so I had surgery on Friday (Have I told you that my surgeon severed his Achilles a year and half ago – he showed me his own scar and this has been very comforting to me that he’s been through it)….

My brother took me first thing in the morning and they checked me in. “down to your bday suit” they say.  And into a robe.  We then had a series of nurses, assistants and a Chaplain come by (um….do I really need a Chaplain for this??? Oh no!). While not religious, my brother said – lets pray just for some positive thought!  Then they gave me a sedative (which I requested in my pre anesthesia appt) which they had to administer right in the middle of my fanny.  That worked immediately and didn’t really hurt.  

They then wheeled me to the second pre op room where my brother couldn’t go, so I was on my own.  The nurse took my vitals and hooked up my IV.  Luckily it was just a one prick deal (some of you have had multiple tries….).   Literally the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room. 

Before I went into the op room however, they gave me a pain blocker shot right above my knee in the side of my thigh.  I don’t remember this at all – but want to thank the folks on this site for telling me about it.  It really made a difference the first 24 hours.  (keep in mind my insurance didn’t pay for it, and I’ll post the cost once I get it from the dr’s– I think around 700$).  You cannot feel your toes for about a day due to the blocker but that wears off.

In the recovery room, the nurse was laughing at me and said that I had been reciting my address for the last 15 minutes (he was really cute, maybe I wanted to take him home!!!)  – who knows what you do as you are waking up from the fake coma they put you in.  Hopefully you keep your secrets to yourself!  They gave me some morphine in the recovery room, and I was feeling pretty high.  In fact, the memory of that day is all a little fuzzy.  The nurses and anesthesiologist all came by to say good job! And then they wheeled me out in my new 5 lb half cast half bandage.

SELF PORTRAITself portrait

My other brother took me to pick up my drugs (definitely do this right away).  My drugs are Hydrocodone (NORCO) and I can take 2 every four hours.  I’m also taking an aspirin a day based on advice on this site to keep the blood thin and avoid clots, but the surgeon said it wasn’t necessary.  I have some Ativan (left over anxiety medicine from our fight  - and loss – with my dad’s brain cancer this spring) that helped me sleep the first night, but don’t really need it. 

24 – 72 hours POST OP:  On Saturday, after the pain blocker wore off, I was extremely sore and in pain.  Once I started taking the medication like clock work I was only uncomfortable for the last hour of each cycle. 

Sunday/Monday were the worst of the pain and again, just stayed elevated and in bed.  I think this is key for the first couple days.  I got a cool foam thing (see pic) from the hospital, this has helped a lot – with lots of king sized pillows.  My 7 yr old twin nephews stayed in the bed with me most of the weekend and we watched animal planet and cartoons.  Not my fav, but boy were they cute to hang out with pathetic me.

blue foam thing

Blue Foam Thingy

I’m back at home today and will see how I do on my own for a couple days.  My buddy Dave will come on Thursday to take care of me and no doubt try to get me out to the bars for the fourth of July weekend….  I know I shouldn’t……but….

I hired someone to clean my house and come over everyday – my “girl Friday” as my family calls her.  And I’m eating lots of fiber b/c the meds will stop you up.  I got the tub/shower chair (thank god!) and baggies for my cast – but the duct tape/garbage bag worked pretty well.   Today I’m in much less pain and I’m just settling in on the couch in the sun room to work (lucky to work from home for Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley), and figure out what I’m going to do with myself. 

Now if I could just get some hot guy to come fix my drip system, and paint my bathroom and give a foot massage, I think I’ll be good for a bit…..








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