May 29 2011


3 years and doing great!

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Hello all out there!  I’m happy to report that I’m 3 years into my ATR recovery and life is pretty good.  It DOES get better, in fact I’m in a 13 mile Mt. Ashland Hill climb in August (  its one vertical mile climb up to 7600 feet!  The race is in two weeks.  I’m more worried fitness than I am my achilles…..Yikes.

You can all get through this injury and will appreciate what you can do after all that much more!  Hang in there.

Good luck to all!

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Dec 21 2008


Six Months-ish…Progress, but its slower than hoped

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Hey ATRs….its been about two months since I posted, but I’ve been reading and sending good vibes to the new folks and those progressing.  Good to hear of all your golfing and basketball stories.

I’ve been able to travel bootless- to Hawaii, to Maimi (CRAZY!), and to California for ThanksgivingI - but I still can’t really wear any shoes other than sturdy tennis shoes.  (Ladies - when did you start putting on heels for work or going out again?)

Now that there is snow in these Oregon hills I can wear my snow boots and they seem to be 90% comfortable. I’m very aware that I will NOT be skiing this winter.  Will have to rest in the lodge with a brandy I suppose.


I defnitely thought I would be running by now, but that has been slow.  In fact, I mistakenly played “chicken” with the cars on main street, and it was a little difficult to get out of the way….just couldn’t get any speed.  I started up with a second round of PT because I’ve been discouraged at how tight my achilles is - not just in the mornings.  He is doing 12 sessions of this shea butter massage with an odd plastic tool.  He does the whole length of my ATR leg and foot.  It hurts/feels good.  Its suppose to generate collagen and “correct” cell growth and shake up the bad ones.  Anyone else doing this?

I can ride the bikes at the gym without much effort, but its not the type of workout I like.  So last week I hopped on the treadmill and am determined by Feb to be able to run three miles even if its the slowest ever.  My personal goal was to do a 5k by April (at 10 months) .    I’m still hopeful.

I’m encouraged by this site and my PT to take up swimming for cardio and weight loss.  Seems the lbs I lost post surgery are back …..humph.  I think its the egg nog and xmas cookies.

Anyway, here are some pics of my house with the recent snow.  Gorgeous.  I feel for anyone starting out on this journey if you live in the ice and snow.  I’m not sure how I would have handled the crutches and the cast.  A weak leg is bad enough.

Happy Holidays and go Bears next Saturday.  I’ll take some comparison/scar pics next time and post them.


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Oct 06 2008


Boot Goes to Hawaii (@14 wks)…..first class

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Even though I’ve been cleared for two shoes, I brought the boot to Hawaii to wear through airports and such.  Glad I did it due to the amount of walking – I actually think it helped – PT of sorts.  The boot also got me first class on the way home b/c the “cocktail waitress” felt bad for me, so she finagled the seat.  I think half of my trip was free due to the boot – free drinks, front of line etc.  Maybe I don’t actually want to take off the boot.   I even got lots of compliments at a recent wedding for coordinating my dress with boot.  Ha!

Now I’m in Capitola in California.  Big Surfing community but obviously I’m just on the beach - Zeldas -  drinking a mimosa – no surfing yet.

To those just starting out after surgery…it gets better.  I can’t believe how great it is to walk around in the boot after three months of inactivity.  Mornings are still the worst and after a long day of walking around I have to ice….but all in all, getting better everyday.  I look forward to the Elliptical and swimming when I get back from vacation.  No running yet, unfortunately

I love reading all the posts…..even if I’m not checking every day (I used to check every five minutes when I was on the couch…so I guess that’s progress).

Go Bears

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Sep 19 2008


3 months –Walk a mile in MY 2 shoes (whoo hoo)

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ATR friends, its been forever! 

I’ve been reading daily and thinking of all of you…Especially the newbie’s, the re ruptures (what progress you guys are making this second time around) and those with wound issues – headed up by the great success / progress of kristinati’s wound)(DaveLeft, Hillary – sending good wound viibes)…And Richard – I’ll send you some REAL movies to cry at…I think I’ve seen them all with this injury – more turtle races please.  I laugh at all you UK folks with your word changes and sentence formations – you make life sound so easy!  Special THANK YOU to EdForman for fast friendship and support from the opposite coast!  Damacar – your Ducks are doing well!  But our Bears are going to rule (Marianne – you’re a bear???).  Dennis – can’t wait for the new tshirts.  Hobblit – we’re at the same date, keep the humor and facebook coming.  SFtourguide – great progress – I’ll be in SF on Sunday - we could do a lunch.

Anyway, today is officially my 3 mos post op!  Whoo hoo.  I’m at the wine bar for my pre-date cocktail jotting down some of my milestones for the blog!  I can’t believe the time has flown and not moved at all.

I’ve been two days now in tennis shoes full time and walked a full mile at the track on Wed.  It took 8-9 minutes a lap and I’m averaging a 34 minute mile (keep in mind I was running sub 7 minute miles prior to ATR – basically LESS time than it takes me to do one lap now!)  OH well…I’ll take the walking and shoes.

Other good things:

1.     Love PT – maybe IN LOVE with my PT. Yummy. Its completely the achilles spa.  As much as I love it, I have to say that just with the walking around my house, the gym work outs, and the track this week I’ve improved tenfold on my ROM.  So I love PT, but for some of you on the site, I think the walking really helps.

2.     I love sleeping with out boot, socks anything :-), at least on my foot.  I was pretty conservative about that because I’m an active sleeper.

3.     Mornings the Tendon is VERY tight, but walking around in my shoes right away helps a bit.  I wonder – you guys post 3 months – when does this go away?

4.     About two weeks ago I started showering standing up!  WHAT?  This is cool, I almost forgot if I faced the faucet or back to faucet, had to re learn what worked for all the shampoo’ing, shaving and misc conditioning etc.

           a. I did keep the chair in the shower as it now functions as a shelf and convenient sitting place-  but am happy to ship it to a newbie if anyone would like it in the early stages.  I definitely used it for the FULL three months.

5.     I go to the gym now five days a week and am driving the jeep with the clutch (I’m a lefty ATR).  It feels like great freedom.  You Right ATR’s I don’t know how you do it with the driving.

6.     My incision is straight, but darker now with all the activity.  I need to make sure to apply the mederma and the sun screen.  I’m doing crazy viti’s (are they working?) and viti E on the incision but it just may be in due time.

Not all is perfect – which reminds me to be respectful of this injury:  I have a severe limp and I’m afraid to do anything like running, raises, or elliptical, but in due time.  Happy to do the bike for 20 mins now, and then a full core and upper body work out.  My foot is very numb still from the heel to the three last toes on my foot.  Maybe months before that goes away or never – that’s what PT is saying.  Also, people/Friends now forget that I have the injury and walk faster than me to restaurants, or ask if I can go running today. That bothers me…but oh well, as we know…no one quite gets the enormity of the recovery period.

AND I just booked a trip to Hawaii, and then to a wedding (think I’ll still wear boot due to booze and people), and then to Capitola – coast town in CALI.  Will be gone three weeks.  Whooo hoo.  Dennis I promise to take Achilles tshirt pics and post them in the gallery – mine is now sorta flash dance ripped up cuz it was hot for working out…but will send some photos.

I can’t believe its been three months. Never knew this day would come and very excited for the next three months.  Maybe if I can meet guys WITH the boot and they find me interesting just as someone that sits, I can meet an amazing guy that will like that I can walk on my own :-)   

Patience and Respect to those that are just starting out.  

Cheers to all….

Kkdub.  Go bears. 


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Sep 01 2008


9 weeks 4 days - doing a few normal things (pics)

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Hi Friends.  Here is the latest.



I took my first trip out of town down to the Bay Area (CA) for work.  Lots of walking around and lots of goofing around but all in all survived it walking no crutches/swelling until TODAY!  I’ve been elevating now for a couple of hours and its just starting to chill out a bit.


I’m posting  a bunch of pics.  One of me returning the wheel chair in the back of the jeep – ahhhhh. Also am doing some normal things like planting flowers and drinking wine on my deck!    You can see my incision healing nicely although lots of swelling at the ankle and bottom of incision due to all the activity this last week.  I’m walking up and down stairs but only in the boot.  My  PT has me walking short distances without shoes/boot but doesn’t recommend I should do this at home yet.  Note also the picutre of Squishy on my keyboard - this is new since the injury….can’t be comfortable.




My first PT ROM measurement was a “1”, and I’m up to a “6” now.  I’m trying to get to normal range of 11 (this is equal to my good foot).  I’m not sure why my PT measures in numbers rather than percentages.


I don’t experience too much pain (except today – but its more dull) but my foot/leg does get tired easily.  I’m doing 15 mins on the bike at the GYM – and its so nice to be going back to the gym.  I think the last three weeks of PT has really been helping.  We’ve also just started single leg presses – boy that was a mental scary one to get over.


Go Bears.  kkdub


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Aug 19 2008


First PT. Rode Bike – burned 8 calories!

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Fellow ATR’s I know I just posted – but I didn’t think PT would be so mentally and physically rewarding.  Thanks for listening and may you all experience PT sooner than later.


Today’s session (at 7 weeks 4 days)


  1. measured ROM of good foot and then bad foot.  While doc says I was in pretty good shape he was bummed that its in my 8th week that I’ve come in.  Wished the Surgeon sent me in about 3 weeks ago to start to loosen up the tendon.(how are we suppose to know these things?)
  2. 20 minutes in hot whirlpool (best ever!)
  3. 15 minutes of massaging the tendon and the bones in foot.  Weird – but really good.
  4. then “walk to the bike”  WHAT?  Yes, no boot, walked in a funny sorta cartoon way to the bike
  5. Biked for 5 minutes, with bad foot mainly just pressing with heel.  Felt GREAT. Burned 8 calories – whoo hoo. I rule. 
  6. band exercises
  7. Ice for 15 (Ice is my friend)


Supposedly next week we’ll start leg press and toe raises but I can’t believe it.  He also took out the remaining wedges of my boot and was mad that my surgeon ordered the wedges.  Go Figure.


Very please.  Happy to ride bike, and start some sort of swimming and walking in two weeks.  OMG!  Also BIG lecture from PT about care of my other foot due to my excessive running.  Will post “healthy foot” protocol when we get there.

 “interesting” items at the PT center.  Back to PT on Friday and then three day

Thanks for the support.  I opened a bottle of wine at 3 in celebration.  That’s not too early for a couch sitter is it?  Ha!  Kkdub

Ps – I’ll post pics of the facility and other s a week.

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Aug 18 2008


Chinese track and field star Liu is out of the Olympics because of an Achilles tendon injury

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I watched this today and it was painful. He got to the start of the race ok, but after a false start he just ripped up his number and hobbled off the field.  You could see the pain and frustration in his face.  He had to pull out of the hurdles and he’s a Chinese national hero.

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Aug 16 2008


7 Weeks 1 day. First Wedge out, FWB no crutches, “ok” scar pics

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Hi All! 

I’m 7 weeks 1 day or almost 2 months or 50 days!

Today I am taking it easy after a week or more of wedding festivities with my family last weekend.  My foot needs the break – plus its 106 and muggy out (HUGE heatwave in the NW right now).  I’m happy to be inside with ice packs and the Olympics.


Here are some of the things going on with me:

  1. Last week I had my second post op at just over 6 weeks.  Like a lot of you , I saw the surgeon for all of 4 minutes and he said “looks good”.  Um….what does that MEAN?  He handed me a piece of paper that said “take one wedge out a week” I have three wedges in the boot. “Then walk 1 week in the boot no wedges and then throw the boot away.”  He said to ditch the crutches then too – oops – already ditched crutches last week – although if I go out for a while (which is rare) I do bring one crutch.  So in less than a month  - Sept 10  - I’ll be two shoes …I hope.  I do have to say that just this week I stopped sleeping with the boot on!  The doc didn’t give me the go ahead, but WOW, it feels great.
    1. Not having the crutches is really AMAZING.  I had hired help to come every day and this last week we decided she was bored b/c I can do almost everything except take my garbage up my steep driveway!    I do bring one crutch to bed b/c the tendon takes a couple minutes to warm up in the morning and it was too painful to hop to the bathroom.

2.  The other thing he said was “oh yeah”….start PT.  YES!  So PT starts for me on Tuesday.  I can’t stand (or am afraid to) on both feet without support (boot etc).  I’m thinking PT is going to help me with this – I want to take a picture that shows both feet on the ground!


3.  On the note of not going out too much (although a couple fun dates, and people stealing me out for lunch)…I’ve decided that I’m taking recovery seriously and don’t mind sitting on the couch a couple days a week even though I’m VERY bored.  I’m happy that I don’t have any swelling, pain, or issues (cross fingers).  I think my “chilling” out has helped.  I do have amazing friends that come over quite a bit and hang out in the sun on the deck so there are lots of people around. 

4.  My scar is very straight and looking better than in these pictures (it looks a little red in the pics).  There is a small spot at the very heel that still has scabs and some dead skin, but I think in another week it should be better.  I’m using Mederma and Viti E after I shower.  I did NOT get the OK to go swimming – the cardio exercise that I’m banking on using to get back into shape (since running is months out!).  I’ll still have to wait on that one.





5.  I feel healthy, have lost a few pounds and have had a trainer come most 5 days a week for ROM and upper body/back exercises.  Just next week we’ll start more core and some lower bod  now that I can put a lot of pressure on my ATR leg to keep me balanced.  The quad and the hammie are going to object, but I can’t wait for that soreness.  Feeling antsy but knowing that I have just another month of boot and that I’ll start SOME exercise at PT is REALLY cool.


I spend a lot of time thinking, on the web (shout out to Ed Forman for his support!), watching the Olympics and chatting with friends.  I’ve managed to continue to get pedicures and happy about that.  I’m headed to Vegas on Sept 4 and will take a few shots with the Achilles Tshirt for the gallery.  I’m happy for this time to heal and think about my plan for the coming months.  Thanks to everyone on the site – the fun – and education.








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Aug 05 2008


I took some steps!!!! 5 weeks 4 days

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OK.  I’ve been practicing walking with one crutch in my house, and yesterday I took about 10 steps with NO crutches.  My goal is to walk into post op appt a week from today with NO crutches.  So scarey but I did it.  I did it.  I walked.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My incision changes colors regularly depending on what I did the day before.  I have to assume this is normal, but its doing ok.  I really hope in six months it will be skin color :-)

Not much else, just so excited I could walk - CRAZY!

I did it.  I walked.

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Jul 28 2008


Week 5 ….cool healing, and cheers its my birthday!

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HI!  I’m in the fifth week - and I’m about 30lbs PWB.  No PT yet, and my 2nd Doc  appt is in two weeks (will be 7 week post op).  So how am I doing on my Birthday today?

Well… a couple strips of the medi tape have fallen off, and I think that is helping the upper incision heal.  I spent a LOT of time airing out my leg.  A LOT of time.  The scab is looking better for the upper half of the incision, but the incision under the remaining tapes looks a little scary.  I’m not touching it.  I do agree with folks on this blog that the boot rubs and irritates the scar/incision - so important to wear good protection/socks and air it out.

(If you REALLY want to see it, click on the pics to make them larger - ohhhh cool - where else is it acceptable to show all these CRAZY gross pics?)



I did have some more snake skin appear today after shower - thought I was done with the dead skin a week ago.  hmmmmm.  I’m also a little jealous of anyone that has less than 10 inch scar.  Bigger is NOT better :-)

I bought some granny supprt-sox, an achillestraino dealy, and some other stuff at footmart based on a post this weekend (ty!!!).  Will do some reviews and let you know.

I wish I had some witty speak, or turtle pics (still laughing Richard), but I’m just happy to say that I’m moving along, and happy that time DOES pass.  I’m a little bummed that I’m not taking my Euro vacation - my friends all leave on Saturday for a 3 week Baltic Sea trip.  I know many of you have taken early vacations - Grand Canyon, preso’s  etc, but I just could not take the idea of my friends carrying me around, or having to “hold up” at every museum door.  I would have had to use crutches the whole time with only PWB.  At least I have a friend that will take me to Vegas for my 3 month ATR celebration.  Lets see, thats around Sept 26th. (ugh, but YAY!!!)

Well, I’m going to be out celebrating my bday tonight - I’ll do a cheers to my ATR friends!


ps - the first of three weddings is next Friday.  Will post for the ladies what fashion items I decide to wear with boot, I appreciate everyone’s support on my last post.  I’ll probably decide at the last minute, but damn….if the shoe were on the other foot…. 

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