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Aug 13 2015

28 hours Post Op

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Home recovering from ATR surgery. This morning was the most difficult as the anesthesia does its number on you. Then, as soon as you beat the nausea, the trips to the bathroom commence. The anesthesiologist offered two types of blocks. With the block that would last the longest he would insert a catheter so I wouldn’t have to get up 20 times to potty (urinate). I opted for the 12 hour block instead with no catheter. No regrets as I am past that now. However, if you would have asked me this afternoon I would have loved the catheter. I was not offered that for my first ATR procedure and I did have the longer term block. Not making any promises but I believe I may not need any more narco other than acetaminophen. You want to stay with them as long as you are beyond say a 4 on the pain scale. However, from my experience the sooner you can put them away, the better. My procedure AT Subcutaneous tenotomy, included shaving the bone (Haglunds). I don’t know for certain, but I think adds to the overall pain but it does diminish over a couple of days.

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Aug 07 2015

Here we go again

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I went through this process a little over a year and a half ago.  My repair was surgical and is strong.  The only issue I’ve had is there is still some numb feeling in my toes from possible nerve damage.  Started having some of the same problems with the other foot (insertional tendonosis) which has been going on for several months.  Walking on beach with my kite gear yesterday getting ready to go out and stepped in a hole.  It happened so fast and it was just like the classic rupture discription.  Felt like a horse kicked me and I went down.  Sucked so bad because I knew exactly what happened and also knew what was to come.  I’m scheduled to mee with my same doctor Monday.

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