Dec 29 2013

Eye on the prize

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Not certain if I’m doing this right but I certainly have time to sort through it.  A good friend of mine that happens to be an anethesiologist sent me a nice message the other day and it has stuck.  “Eye on the prize”  I have also been reading so much and this site has already helped me.  I am now 10 days post surgery and hope to share a few things with others that may help them as well.  I am a 53 year old male that has continued to live a very active lifestyle.  My passion with regard to sport is kitesurfing so most of my workouts and training focus on keeping me in the ocean.  Prior to the injury and for the last few years the workouts consisted of P90, crossfit and yoga.  I’ve actually been struggling for years (15) or so with what I come to realize as tendinosis.  I had essentially eliminated all the things that I could not do anymore without pain or a major flare up of the achilles, such as running and jumprope.  Well, I ended up rupturing the bad achilles during a crossfit competition while jumping rope.  I should have never agreed to enter but we thought I would be able to trade off on the things that would hurt my achilles.  Yes I regret that I just didn’t forfeit the entry fee and swallow my pride.  Regardless though, this problem I have been having for years was not going away without some kind of major event.  My wife of 28 years has been amazing despite her anger in the way it happened.  She talked me in to getting the little scooter to get around.  I’m actually good and comfortable with crutches but this is so much easier.  She also picked me up the shower cover bag from medical supply store which has also been great.  At first I was cautious and still wrapped the top part of my splint with saran wrap.  However, since stopped because it was not getting damp at all.  I was able to stop the meds after 2 days of the nerve block wearing off.  Word of caution, the first sign of block wearing off, you need to get the meds going because the pain is real.  I was late because I didn’t want to start the meds to soon and that was a mistake.  The pain is at least 10 times worse than when it ruptured but without the sound.  Sorry for the long first post but I appreciate you letting me put it out there and hope I can help someone in their journey back to good health.

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  1. otterwomanon 02 Jan 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Sorry about your injury. There is always the tendency to blame ourselves for things, but I am happy that you choose to live life rather than sit on the sidelines out of fear. I also could have been doing something a little less intense for a girl my age when my tendon ruptured, but I actually look forward to doing handstands again. Just don’t tell my husband!

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