6 Weeks In

After an hour of working out in the gym, stretching, biking, weights I decided to play a little squash. 5 minutes in and I heard the infamous pop and hit the ground like a sack of potatoes.
The guy I was playing against heard the sound and was looking for loose floor boards on the court. I thought he had taken me out. There was no pain initially but 30 sec later it didn’t feel too good. Problem was I was working out of town in a very small town and had walked to the gym. I didn’t know what was wrong except that I couldn’t stand on my right foot. I had to get the other guy to go back to the hotel, get my truck and come and pick me up.
The emergency room Dr said it look like an ATR and this is when my world changed.

I am 49 and am always moving. Skiing, biking, roller blades, gym, hockey, building things. You name it, I seem to do it.

First cast was with my foot pointed straight down. 8 days later I visited the orthopedic surgeon and he said 100% rupture. No mri or ultrasound. My leg/foot was re-casted. I have had my cast changed every 2 weeks with the angle of my foot changing about 10-15 degrees. There is quite a bit of pain the day and next day that it is re-adjusted. I asked the surgeon and he said no surgery. I have read a lot of discussions on the subject and it appears to be split 50/50 on what should be done.
I don’t want surgery but also don’t want to wait 3 months only to find out that I will require it then. Hopefully it will heal correctly.

There was nothing leading up to my injury and this makes me nervous. My left AT/leg is starting to get sore. I was told it was from being overused, since it is the only one I have to use.

I am very fortunate to have a wife who is like an angel. She has done so much for me it is unbelievable. We are lucky to have kids that help out as much as they do. I don’t ask anyone to do anything for me but they treat me like a fragile baby. Not sure why, maybe because I never needed help before. I don’t know.

I had a friend drop off an IWalk and that has been a big help. Crutches are difficult to do anything but move around. I would definitely recommend the IWalk but it has limitations. I can’t imagine what it would be like for people who live on the own and not to have help around.

Sorry for the long winded post.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve joined this club, but good to get a new blogger. Was just curious as you don’t mention anything about whether you’re still NWB, PWB or FWB? This coming from the perspective that the surgery vs non-op being equal is based on the “modern” protocols (especially for non-op), and according to them you should be at least moving towards FWB by 6 weeks. Generally it’s irritating when an OS doesn’t give you the options and a choice, normally this tends to go towards surgery, but it seems to be reverse in your case…

  2. Welcome!!! Like you, at 49, I too had my ATR playing squash…I was into it for close to 90 min when it happened. Apparently, according to my OS the average is 42 min into the game…..Not sure how they keep track of that :-)

  3. Thanks for the Welcome. At the moment I am NWB and will be like that for at least another 10 days as that is when my next appt will be. I was hoping to be PWB at my last appt but was not given the option. I barely get a chance to talk to the OS. By the time he checks over my leg and I roll over on the bed he is lone gone out of the room. The one time I did talk to him, he said that with the last 400 of these injuries he has seen this is the best way for my type of injury. I have asked my Dr about it and she said it just takes time. And I am starting to get fairly bored. Haven’t gone back to work yet as I am unable to perform my job on crutches.

    I have tried to put lite lite weight on it with very un-favourable results.

    I know that when they cut off the cast and my leg is hanging over the end of the bed. It feels like a bag of sand dangling off of my leg. With it being my right leg I also can’t drive. (my car is a standard). This works for our youngest daughter, the car is always available for her. I am going to have to de-teenager it when I get it back to driving.

  4. Kjjet, the good news is that non-op ATR treatment has recently been shown to work as well as surgery, after many decades of being “proven” to be suitable only for geezers, with unacceptably high rerupture rates. Three recent studies demonstrating brilliant success with non-op ATR treatment are summarized and linked at AchillesBlog.com/Cecilia/protocols. Worth a look!

    The bad news is that the key to the recent success of non-op treatment in all the new studies - all of them >=2007! - is fast aggressive rehab. For many decades “everybody knew” that non-op treatment had to be slower than post-op, and that going slower was safer because it gave the ruptured ATR linger to heal properly “by itself”. Well, “everybody” was 100% wrong, actually backwards! That’s bad news for you because you’re on the old slow track, sorry.

    The silver lining in this dark cloud is that the old bad slow non-op “conservative casting” approach still had “only” around 25% reruptures, sometimes lower, so at least 75% escaped without rerupture. But the results were probably inferior on other tests as well.

    So… if I were you, I’d familiarize myself with the new evidence (Cecilia), become your own Medical Advocate (part scientist part lawyer!) and insist that Evidence Based Medicine is better than Eminence Based Medicine!

    Its too late for you to start exercise and PT and PWB at 2 weeks in, or FWB at 4 weeks in… but I think you should try to approach the most successful schedules, gradually. You DON’T want to jump there all at once, for sure. But i wouldn’t just stay on the slow road. Big nuisance, negative benefit!

  5. Linger should read longer. If you activate AJAX Editing in your Settings, we’ll be able to fix our own typos for the first few minutes.

  6. Welcome life with ATR…smiling. I too couldn’t have gone through this without help…as a result of this injury my relationship with my guy had really deepened. YAY for our angels!

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