6 month update and goodbye

So last Saturday marked the 6 month date from my surgery. I feel like my leg is about 80% healed and I really have very few problems or issues any longer. It still feels a bit stiff and tight some days, but I have pain only occasionally and don’t generally even think about my Achilles during a normal day.

I am back hiking again, steep hikes over rough terrain. I feel an ache in the Achilles going up a very steep slope, but other than that it just gets tired quickly and I need about a day after hiking for it to recover.

I am also back playing volleyball. The first time was very stressful and worrying and I barely moved on the court. However, I have played 4 times since there and I am moving around well, almost at pre-injury levels. I haven’t done any jumping yet, but I can play and go for the ball without worrying now.

I did a 5km race last week. I didn’t run at all, but I walked it at the same speed that I walked last year before the injury so that felt good. I had no pain during or after the walk.

So over all I feel mostly recovered. I have managed to run across the road and to catch a bus but haven’t been running yet. But that is not something I usually do anyway. I still can lift my heel only a short distance off the ground as a single leg lift, but at least I can get it off the ground for a reasonable time now.

Some things that I think have helped a good recovery:
being forced to stay in hospital for the first 2 weeks, which meant that my leg was elevated 24 hours a day during that time
having daily dressing changes during the hospital stay also meant that the scar healed well
doing exercises early - I think riding an exercise bike early on after pwb started (in the boot) helped
walking - I did a lot of walking starting from the pwb time, always slowly and carefully and I stopped if it got painful but I think this walking helped with recovery
heel drops - since doing single legged heel lowering exercises daily I have noticed a significant improvement in my calf strength

This website was amazing early on during this injury and it really helped me during the recovery stage. However, now that I feel pretty much recovered I rarely visit this site. I am too busy going out and doing things these days! I might pop in occasionally to see if there are questions I can answer, but I (hopefully!) won’t be here posting on here again.

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  1. Congratulations on your “commencement”, kiwibug!

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