19 week update

I haven’t updated recently as I haven’t had easy access to a computer, plus I have been on vacation, but today is 19 weeks since my surgery and I am happy to report that life is pretty much normal again!

My walking is normal and except when I get occasional heel pain seems to be limp free. I can walk normal speed again and can even walk fast when required. While on vacation I even managed to jog to catch a train.

I can walk downstairs properly again. I have been able to put one foot on each step since being in 2-shoes. However, I was always going heel first with my bad leg. About 3 weeks ago I started trying to walk normally downstairs, putting my toe first and then dropping the heel down. It was very hard at first and even when I could do it without difficulty I still had to think about it else my heel went down first. Now, I can do it without thinking and am comfortable going downstairs without a handrail again.

On holiday last week I did a lot of walking and standing so I had swelling each night, but very little pain. I also managed a short hike, only about 15 minutes, but it was on a proper uneven hiking trail with stones and I had no problem.  I plan to start real hiking in the next month, although I will start with easy ones. I usually hike with poles anyway so they will help.

I am also hoping to start playing gentle volleyball next month. I can do squats without any trouble now and even squat right down to the ground (useful for the local toilets!). I am riding a bike to work daily and can even make it up the hill to my apartment on it.

I am doing squats including one legged ones, lunges and heel raises for exercise everyday. I can comfortably do a 2 legged heel raise without any support. I am lowering on one leg but I can’t do it from the top of the raise without some support yet. I can’t do a single legged heel raise although I can get my heel off the floor finally. I have a slight sign of visible calf muscle but it still needs lots of work to get stronger.

I won’t be jumping or running for a while yet, but they are not things I really do anyway.

I don’t think about my Achilles most of the time anymore. I no longer have to wonder if I can do something or not, I can just go and do it which is very liberating.

Overall I am pretty happy with my progress.

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  1. Good to hear from you again. Hope other things are safe for you at the moment as well. We are hearing a lot about rising tensions and shots fired. Stay safe.

  2. I think it is just bluster and people here aren’t really worried. I am a long way from the border too.

  3. Thanks for the update and congrats on all your progress!

  4. This is very motivating. Thank you for sharing. I’m at 24 weeks and I still have issues with stairs. I just got over the fear of curbs. My problem is I can’t sit still. I’m too active and hardheaded. So at 24 weeks I should be able to forget all of this but the pain is still there. I have to ice it down after any workouts involving that leg. Did you have to ice it down after cycling?

  5. blahblahblah2k2 thank you for your comment.
    I am also quite active and not much of a sitter.

    Until the last couple of weeks I was very wary of stairs and I wouldn’t go downstairs without holding on to the handrail. I can’t do a one legged heel raise yet, but I can lower on one leg which has really helped with being able to tackle stairs normally.

    I don’t have to ice after cycling. In fact, these days I am mostly not icing - I am getting only a little swelling and it goes down overnight without icing. The only time I have to ice is if I have done a lot of walking or standing during the day.

    I still have pain some days, but not very often any more. I am sorry that you are still having pain.

  6. Kiwi, congrats on your progress! Reading your post was very encouraging for me. It’s tough to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced this injury how difficult stairs are now.

    I am 16 weeks post surgery and have a silly question. I’ve been wearing sneakers/running shoes and nothing else for about a month now as I adjust back to walking normally. My heels, flats, and sandals have been collecting dust and my co-workers are used to seeing me in a dress and sneakers, haha. Are you able to wear “regular” shoes at this point? If so, when did you transition? Thanks!

  7. keg27 I am glad that my post was encouraging. I agree that this site has been incredibly helpful with this recovery.

    Regarding shoes, I have been wearing my regular shoes since the start of walking in 2 shoes. However, my regular shoes are keens (like this http://www.keenfootwear.com/product/shoes/women/newport-h2) - they are all I wear. I have both a sandal and a shoe (with a back to the heel).

    So I can’t really say about heels, and regular shoes, sorry. Why don’t you try wearing them around the house for a while and see how they feel?

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