11 weeks - 2 shoes

Today is 11 weeks since my injury and tomorrow will be 11 weeks since the surgery.

Yesterday I walked outside in 2 shoes for the first time! It was rather scary but otherwise fine.

For the past week or so I have been comfortably walking around in my apartment without the boot. I have been taking it off at the door like a regular shoe and not using it at all at home. I was walking around in bare feet most of the time and occasionally putting on 2 shoes for a bit of practice. I have never had any heel wedges for my boot, so it just seemed natural to walk in bare feet at home.

I also managed to get rid of the chair for showering and to stand up and take a shower like a normal person which was a good feeling.

On Wednesday I walked to work wearing my boot. It is just over 1.5km and it only took me a couple of minutes longer than pre-injury. I saw the doctor last night and he told me that my tendon looks nearly normal and is strong so to start walking without my boot. That is a lot earlier than his original prediction of 3 months on the day of my surgery. He also told me that it wasn’t too long ago that he gave people casts for 3 months after this surgery!

So I decided to finally brave going outside last night. There is a supermarket about 5 minutes walk from my house at normal walking speed. The road to it is not too uneven apart from the steep hill up to my house at the end. My husband met me at the shop with my other shoe and my hiking poles and I took off my boot and walked up the road. It was completely terrifying but not painful. I changed back into the boot to get up the hill as it is still a bit hard to do it even in the boot.

This morning, I walked down the stairs (bad foot first), down the hill and to the supermarket all with 2 shoes and without my hiking sticks. It took me about 10 minutes instead of 5 so I am quite happy with that.

I put my boot back on to teach, as someone has polished the floor in my classroom and it is super slippery. But since classes finished I have been walking to and from the teachers’ room in my regular shoes.

I feel a bit unsteady in my shoes and a short walk is much more tiring so I will continue to use the boot sometimes for a week or so, but I hope to finish with it soon.

I have also found a physio to visit next weekend. It is about 4 hours away on the bus, so I am hoping that they are good and can give me plenty of exercise tips to take home.

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  1. Yay! I am so happy for you! I understand the feeling unsteady. I feel the same way, especially when my foot swells.

    I am glad you found a PT. I hope they are able to help you out. To be quite honest, the things I have been doing at PT seem to be standard ATR rehab protocol which can be found all over the internet. Eight hours round trip 2-3 times a week is quite a trek. I feel PT is crucial to a full recovery but I believe once you know what to do it can be done solely on your own at home. I wish you luck and hope you get lots of good instruction so you don’t have to make that long bus trip very often!

  2. I hope the PT works out too. I won’t be going regularly, I am hoping that they can give me a bunch of exercises to do for a month or so without returning.

    I am feeling a bit more steady now, having walked around a lot at the weekend. I also made it up the hill to my house and down the stairs, one foot per stair.

  3. Congrats on this milestone, kiwibug.

    For what it’s worth my PT gave me a few exercises that you might want to consider: http://achillesblog.com/ejbvmi/2015/07/08/a-mans-got-to-know-his-limitations/

    I’m only in my fifth week, but hopefully some of these may still be helpful to you. -Evan

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