Transitioning to FWB (week7/8)

I saw my doctor last Tuesday and he told me that I would be able to lose the crutches within 2 weeks. I was a bit skeptical at the time, but made a conscious effort to put more weight on my leg with each step. On Wednesday and Thursday there was an ache in my calf muscle, presumably because it was finally being used!

On Friday, I had a free afternoon at work so I decided to try walking down the corridor using only 1 crutch. I carried both, but managed to take a few steps with only one crutch and not resting too much weight on it.

The next day I was walking comfortably with 1 crutch and managed to take a couple of wobbly steps without leaning on it at all. They were really more like a shuffle than walking but it was still FWB.

By the beginning of this week, I was comfortably walking around the house without my crutches, but was walking much better when I was using 1 crutch.

For this week, at work I am still using 1 crutch (it helps fend of the little children and is good when I get tired), but am happily walking without it and as long as I take small slow steps, my walking is fairly good and no longer a shuffle.

So I didn’t really believe it would be possible when I saw the doctor last week, but I have successfully transitioned to FWB.

I have little pain in the Achilles, although it does feel tight. It is also quite swollen at the end of the day, but the swelling goes down quite quickly. I have had a bit of ankle pain and quite a lot of knee pain (a residual effect from my previous ACL surgery combined with the fact that my quad has shrunk a lot).

I have been using my exercise bike daily to try and help build muscle strength, especially in my quad. And walking about 1km per day as well.

So at this stage, I am happy with my progress. I hope it continues to go well.

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  1. Hey, great to hear the news!
    Also great to hear someone else in the world had a torn ACL and torn achilles.. though I actually need another ACL repair once I am healthy enough from this torn achilles!

    Great work on the FWB. I had the same push (albeit from my roomate who pushed me to ditch the crutches and FWB, rather than my doctor… smart right?). I quickly transitioned out of the boot after I could FWB and was in two shoes permanently at the end of week 6/7.

    I hear the quicker you do that, the quicker the recovery (obviously being very safe while walking).

    Best of luck to you and can’t wait to hear your progress!

  2. Sounds like great progress!

    Do you use your boot on the exercise bike or go without? I was trying to get a sense of when people start biking and came across one guy who tried biking with no boot at 3 weeks (didn’t go great) but then by 4 weeks was doing it regularly!

  3. I completely have ditched my boot….my physio said only wear it if you are “going out to get drunk and acting a fool”.

    For reference, I ditched them at the end of Week 6.

    I did it yesterday (for the first time and only for 10 minutes) without a boot and felt fine. But if you have any pain/burning, she said to stop.

    Not sure about the week 3 or 4 but your in 7 and 8 so your tendon should be healing along fine.

  4. I have been using the bike with the boot. And have been keeping pressing down through the heel while I cycle. I think it is really good exercise and I wish I had started a bit earlier.

    I am comfortably walking without the crutches now. And the doctor is happy with how I am walking but he wants me to keep the boot for a bit longer yet. I am happy with wearing the boot as it means I can do a fair amount of walking each day. And I have tricky stairs to negotiate every day, some of which don’t have any kind of bannister. I think I will wait and listen to my doctor’s advice of when I can ditch the boot.

    I am sleeping without the boot now too which is more comfortable.

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