16 week post Op: Big Toe is weak

Visited the Ortho Doc today for my 4 month visit. The ROM has gotten much better since my last visit and everything seems to be on the right course. That is in my foot which is the most important. However, my Big toe is weak. I can curl my big toe [...]

10 weeks: weening from the boot

Visited the Orthopedic Doc today at 10 weeks post op.  Everything seems to be going well… I’ve been transitioning from the boot to shoes for the past 5 days.  The PT has me on a boot weening program that progresses until you are out of the boot.  The only issue I’ve been  dealing with is [...]

8weeks Post-Op…

8 week follow-up with Doc went well… Progressing from boot to shoes in the next 10 days and got the green light to sleep w/out boot.  I also can start driving in a month.  Of course there are the little reminders that there is still quite a journey left.  The swelling has increase since FWB [...]

Ditching the crutches

So it’s time to ditch the crutches at a little over 6 weeks post op.  I been working- up to going crutch less the last few days.  As the Tom Petty song goes, “I’m learing to fly but aint got no wings”. That’s where I’m at as far as boot walking goes.  It’s basically a [...]

Kingb’s Hurt Achilles - 6 weeks post-Op

Just had my 6 week post-op visit.  Everything seems to be mending very well.  Up until this point the directive from the Doc has been nwb.  Needless to say that the little things in life that we take for granted take on a whole new meaning during this phase.   I definitely have a better [...]