16 week post Op: Big Toe is weak

Visited the Ortho Doc today for my 4 month visit. The ROM has gotten much better since my last visit and everything seems to be on the right course. That is in my foot which is the most important. However, my Big toe is weak. I can curl my big toe down without a problem. I can’t lift my big toe above neutral. The Dr. thinks it’s from being inactive. It’s difficult to workout the big toe in the upward direction. He added PT work on my big toe. Has anyone experienced issues with the big toe in regards to weakness?

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  1. My toes and foot, in general, are much weaker from being held captive in a cast and boot. I think working on standing balance exercises (standing on the bad leg) and using the theraband to do forward, backward and lateral stretches will help enormously with building up your toe strength. Good luck!

  2. Hello Kingb,

    I am 4.5 weeks post op. interesting you should bring up about your big toe. Mine has been weak since before my surgery and also a little numb. Just tonight I have been getting some weird sensations into my toe and I hope maybe it’s a good indication that things are healing. I too have limited movement and want to ask my surgeon about it at my 6 week follow up. It’s really quite surprising how frustrating it is (mind you so is all of this).

    Let me know how you get on with the physio, I haven’t started yet as I’m still considered to be in cast (although I’m in a vacoped).


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