10 weeks: weening from the boot

Visited the Orthopedic Doc today at 10 weeks post op.  Everything seems to be going well… I’ve been transitioning from the boot to shoes for the past 5 days.  The PT has me on a boot weening program that progresses until you are out of the boot.  The only issue I’ve been  dealing with is getting more ROM in my foot.  My foot is still stiff and the big toe gets purplish and feels prickly at times. The Doc told me that it just means that I need to start walking more in shoes to loosen-up the foot. He wants me completely out of the boot in a week.  I probably have been taking it a little gingerly.  That won’t happen moving forward. Also the Doc started me on more active exercises.  I’m sure it will loosen-up, but there’s always irrational concern.  The good news is that I can start driving in a week:).  That is a huge milestone and gives back freedom.  It really is hard being at the mercy of others.  Although, I’m thankful.  For everyone that recently joined the club… It gets better every week.  Once you become FWB things get multitudes better!

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  1. Congratulations on getting to two shoes. That’s a huge milestone. Driving is too! I hope to join you in two shoes next week! Good luck with the weaning.

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