8weeks Post-Op…

8 week follow-up with Doc went well… Progressing from boot to shoes in the next 10 days and got the green light to sleep w/out boot.  I also can start driving in a month.  Of course there are the little reminders that there is still quite a journey left.  The swelling has increase since FWB and my ROM is somewhat limited. The Doc isn’t worried and said that PT will help increase ROM. Start bike this week :). Can anyone shed light on when you can begin walking normal in 2 shoes and not have to worry about uneven surfaces (curbs, stairs, etc.)?

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  1. 8 weeks and still swelling? I am just under 3 weeks and the swelling is the most aggravating part. I read from the averages on this site that it is 10 weeks to wearing two shoes. It seems so far. Good luck with the recovery. Hoping to see how it all works out for you.

  2. Cole… It gets better especially when you go to FWB. The time seems to speed up quite a bit when the FWB phase begins. Unfortunately, swelling will be a constant reminder that you are still in recovery for awhile. I didn’t have much swelling weeks 4-6. When I began FWB I had more swelling in the foot. Nothing to worry about… It’s manageable.

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