Ditching the crutches

So it’s time to ditch the crutches at a little over 6 weeks post op.  I been working- up to going crutch less the last few days.  As the Tom Petty song goes, “I’m learing to fly but aint got no wings”. That’s where I’m at as far as boot walking goes.  It’s basically a hobble.  Anyway, the fact that I can begin fwb and think about walking is great.  Of course irrational or not there’s always the fear of re-rupturing.  That probably has a lot to do with the hobbled walk.  The Doc wants me to walk from the parking lot to his office by next week.   At this point it would be tough.  I’m sure this is par for the course.  If anyone has advice on walking in a boot it would be much appreciated.  Off to a bar-b-que and beer.  I’ll be taking the crutches:).

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  1. If you can stand up crutchless and lift your uninjured foot (even briefly) without pain, I see no reason to hobble. Just start walking as normally as possible. Your boot has to be snug and supportive enough to transfer the “normal AT” force to the front of your shin, via the top front cuff of the boot.
    If you’ve been leaving the straps loose, it will make you nervous or worse (at risk), so don’t. Some crutches (like the Aircast) have a separate L-shaped “tongue” that some people sometimes forget to insert. DON’T forget it!!
    Once you get the fit and stiffness adequate, you should be able to roll from heel to toe, straight-footed, on the boot, just as you do on the other leg. BUT your booted foot will be much higher off the ground than your other foot, so you’ll quickly get into trouble with the rest of your body (knees, hips, spine) unless you build up your uninjured foot to the same height. Inside the shoe, outside the shoe, whatever. You can buy a “level-up” or a “cast shoe” that will raise your shoe up, or try multiple footbeds in a thick boot, or take an old shoe to a shoemaker, or. . . but do SOMETHING!

    Hobbling is not good. Even if it doesn’t mess up your body, it can quickly form habits that are hard to shake. Too much business for PTs and sports consultants, etc.

  2. Thanks Norm,

    I have been securing the aircast boot w/ guard in place. I will take your advice and try walking as normal as possible. I haven’t felt any pain while bearing weight so I should be good. the Doc told me to let pain be my judgement on weight bearing. I have a PT appointment this week and will ask for advice on walking properly in the boot. Thanks again.

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