Kingb’s Hurt Achilles - 6 weeks post-Op

Just had my 6 week post-op visit.  Everything seems to be mending very well.  Up until this point the directive from the Doc has been nwb.  Needless to say that the little things in life that we take for granted take on a whole new meaning during this phase.   I definitely have a better understanding and empathy for the disabled and caregivers.  I have been given orders from the Doc to start bearing weight ( w/ crutches) this week and begin to walk w/ out crutches next week (w/ the boot).  I’m beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s a little nerve racking bearing weight for the first time, but also  a step closer to getting some normalcy back.  Unfortunately, the Doc wants me to continue to wear the boot while sleeping.  This is a big pain… Literally a pain!  The boot is pressing on the top of my foot causing burning and tingling. It’s not excruciating, but uncomfortable enough to make sleeping very tough (That’s why I’m blogging at 1 am).The Doc said he’ll reevaluate in two weeks and I may be able to ditch the boot while sleeping.  Anyway… back to counting sheep:).

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  1. Hi KingB, I’m at the same stage as you are. I had the nighttime pain but it never happened again after I loosened up the boot when in bed (mine has two straps on the foot). It comes off when I am lounging around at home and showering, BUT take great care not to flex because the boot is meant to protect from over stretching! Keep your spirits up, we’ll be running soon! (Soonish! In the grand scheme of life)

  2. Kingb, i was allowed to ditch the boot at 6 weeks and go to 2 shoes, before then i loosened the boot straps also…i also moved my foot left and right when straps were loose which is why I believe i have good lateral movement now…however, remember going fwb whether with boot or shoe takes a littlemgetting used to! Go slow and make sure you walk correct form even if it is very slow…it is easy to compensate for the weak foot by changing correct walking form…week 7 is today for me and I am walking in 2 shoes..doing my stretching frequently throughout the day…also bought the achilles titanium velcro support, which feels great and helps with blood flow…highly recommend it..robina

  3. Thanks for the advice… I have been loosening the straps at night to get some relief. It has helped a little, but the sore spots on top of foot get irritated during day when I have to use the foot strap. Therefore, at night there is lingering pain. Not the end of the world. Hopefully in two weeks I will be able to ditch the boot while sleeping.

  4. You won’t take sleep for granted again once you get out of that boot! I took the front piece of mine (it was an air cast) and had the straps quite loose when sleeping.

  5. Hi kingb
    Had the same I put extra padding
    Georgia , I did the opposite I kept the foam sleeve but felt it important to have the front piece on for position so wearing the sleeve with the front piece and wedges I taped it all up without the heavy boot

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