Tool to help balance

Just a quick post to show my favorite tool for leg strength and getting balance back:

img_1389 img_1439

It’s really HARD to do - unlike the therabands - and you can see the strain in the balancing foot on the left to grip the floor while you hold your stretches: forward, side, and back.  It really helps your hip and butt strength which dwindles during the cast stage.  After doing these a week, I was MUCH more stable when standing on my single injured foot.  I got mine from my therapist, but they’re cheaper on this site:

The owner is a friend of my PT.  The band is really soft - but hard to stretch - I wish I’d used it sooner as it’s really helped leg strength.  I also used it for shoulder and arm exercises when my crutches made holding dumbells painful.  GREAT tool and pretty cheap.  Make sure you ask your therapist WHEN you can use this thing - I started when I was FWB HTH’s someone.   Kim

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  1. Hmmmmm very interesting! Thanks Kimjax!

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