Hi again…also! this is going to sound weird but the toenails on my bad foot came off! i was cutting them and they just came completely off! it didnt hurt and it bled slightly but does anyone know why this happened or have they had it happen or is it bad? im slightly worried, i mean, toenails dont just “come” off like that do they!???

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  1. Toenails came off? Were they loose before? Any tingling in feet or bad circulation? I’d probably check with GP just in case, haven’t had that happen.

  2. The big toenail on my ATR foot has a notch in it where it is paper thin. I noticed this area about 4 weeks post op. It’s starting to grow out thicker with use of the foot. I’ve had toenails fall off after long hikes or running a marathon (that was years ago). The way I look at it is ‘look how smart my body is, it’s taking all that collagen and instead of sending it to my toenail, it’s diverting the supply to heal my tendon!’

  3. Hi Kimbalee,

    Get that checked out, doesn’t sound right to me. Cannot imagine why they would do that.


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