Hi again…also! this is going to sound weird but the toenails on my bad foot came off! i was cutting them and they just came completely off! it didnt hurt and it bled slightly but does anyone know why this happened or have they had it happen or is it bad? im slightly worried, i mean, toenails dont just “come” off like that do they!???

Hi all

Hi there, my name is Kim and i am 19yo. I snapped my achilles tendon last saturday playing netball and had emergency surgery on it on sunday. Like someone else’s blog i read, mine too recoiled into the calf muscle. I am in a plaster cast for 8 weeks and then one of those snow boots for another 8 weeks…im shocking on crutches and so the next few months of my life shall be spent right here on the couch, stuck between the tv and my laptop. I only just recently discovered that i am really young to do this! just curious as to if there is anyone else my age who has done the same injury???  im no stranger to reconstructive surgery as i have also had 3 knee reconstructions on my right knee too…thankfully the achilles i snapped is my left one, but trust me, tearing the achilles is so so much worse than the ACL in your knee. I suppose my reason for writing this blog is to relate to people who have had the same thing…so please comment on my blog and help me out during this somewhat difficult time.

-kim xx

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