12 Weeks - but who’s counting

Well….12 weeks (second time in) and I am trying to manage expectations but I do think things are better at this point then the first time.  I have been doing incrementally more resistance on my strength training and extensive pool work.  I have been doing single heel lifts in the pool with 1 m of [...]

Tendon Elongation

Hi All,
I am 10 weeks post op for tendon shortening surgery.  I have started doing calf raises and other theraband activities for strength.  I had my first full day  out of the boot at 9 weeks and 4 days but wearing a heel wedge in my shoes to avoid any dorsi flexion.  Any concerns with [...]

Plantar Flexion Range

Hi All,
I am 9 weeks 4 days post op on shortening surgery.  I have been doing plantar flexion exercises with the grey therabands for about a week now.  I have also started seated calf raises.
I have noticed that my active end of range plantar flexion is not as good as my good leg.  They are [...]