Risk of Re-Rupture at 17 weeks

Hi All,

Looking for thoughts here….I am looking at a family trip to hawaii in December.  At this time I will be 17 weeks post op achilles shortening surgery.

I won’t be 100% by this time but wondering what the risk of re-rupture at this point in the recovery process.  I won’t be doing anything too stressful but do plan to swim, light walking, and general beach activities.

Thoughts on risk?

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  1. I recall reading on this site that the first 20 weeks seem to be the highest risk for re-rupture.

    At 17 weeks non-op, I was able to walk around reasonably well, but still had reduced ROM and tightness in my ankle area. But, I probably could have done the activities you’re describing. That being said, I would be scared/ cautious going on sand, since uneven/unstable walking surfaces seems risky. I’d also be extra careful on any wet surfaces (e.g., pool decks).

    December is still pretty far away to estimate how your recovery will have progressed by then. If you’re booking the trip now, you’re not giving yourself much of a buffer. If it’s already booked, then see how you feel closer to the date.

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