Good Heel! Stay down

I have been away for a couple days here  but thanks to everyone’s comments/advice on my plantigrade challenges!  Anyways, since my last post I have managed to coax my foot down in the flat position on the air cast.  It was really tender and the tightness in the tendon really surprised  and scared me as I didn’t want to pull too much.  Nonetheless, after much massaging and slowly pushing the ROM in the ankle I managed to get it in yesterday.  Today it feels great…and is so much easier to walk as the legs are that much closer in length.

I now have 5 more days of PWB on crutches and then move on to FWB.  I have already been experimenting today on it….its odd to learn to walk again.  I have no problems with the heel strike but am still compensating with my other leg when pushing through the stride….I am sure this will get better.

Anyone else notice their good leg (particularly in the achilles area) getting sore from over compensating?


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  1. That’s great Kevin. 5 more days and you’re going to be doing the happy FWB dance with Bryan!

  2. Kevin, in my case it is my uninjured foot’s knee that sometimes complains, but I am wearing lifts inside that shoe to bring me up to the same height as in my moon boot. My lower back is still an issue, too. But congrats of getting rid of the wedges! :-D

  3. Hey Kevin….
    Glad to hear you got the heel tamed and under control…!!!
    Congrats on getting down to the flat position.

    How’s the FWB coming along…???
    Keep healing…

  4. Thanks bryanb!

    FWB is getting there. I was coaching my son’s volleyball team at a tournament yesterday. I was crutch free and on my feet for most of the day but succumbed to pain/fatigue by the late afternoon and had to get crutches back.

    I may have done too much too fast but I think its coming along although I am sore today! The soreness is not in the tendon itself but rather the general ankle and calf….so I will assume that is just due to muscle loss and movement,

    How are things on your end?

  5. Thanks for the update Kevin.
    So glad to hear you are making progress and were crutch free for most of the game. The real question is: Did your son’s team win the volleyball tourney..??!!?? I hope so.
    I think you having muscle soreness and fatigue is a great thing. Means you’re pushing yourself to get back to normal. At least that’s what I tell myself…!!
    All is good here. I go to see the doc in about ten days and we’ll see where we go from there.
    In the meantime, keep up the great recover, my friend..!!!

  6. Congratulations on coaching your son’s team, Bryan! and don’t feel bad about getting tired and having the pain overwhelm you: my doctor told me that pain was part of the process, specially when I used my foot! :-D
    I get sore all over when I go out walking, and today it was by back muscles seizing up as I waited for a bus. My leg muscles have taken three weeks to kind of recover, and other areas of the body take their turn to complain! LOL
    But I’m hoping to be in shoes in 2 1/2 weeks, so I am using my legs as much as possible now, and trying to stop using a cane, too.


  7. Thanks Manny and Bryanb - volleyball went well ….made it the tournament finals but lost in a tight match that went to the last set. Good game.

    FWB is coming along but man am I ever slow in this boot. I am ok with pushing through pain and fatigue…it actually makes me feel like I am beating this stupid injury…but sometimes I get a “tweak” in the tendon which scares the crap out of me.

  8. Kevin, I’m very glad the game went well and that you had fun! My philosophy is that since life is going to laugh at you anyway, you might as well have fun doing whatever you do! :-D
    As for the fear factor with the twinges, been there, done that, and looked into adult diapers! LOL
    Scout motto: “Be Prepared” LOL

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