Good Heel! Stay down

I have been away for a couple days here  but thanks to everyone’s comments/advice on my plantigrade challenges!  Anyways, since my last post I have managed to coax my foot down in the flat position on the air cast.  It was really tender and the tightness in the tendon really surprised  and scared me as [...]

Final Wedge - Get down heel!

Tried to take out the final wedge today…unfortunately I can’t get my heel down.  The other 3 wedges came out fairly easy…a bit of stretch but the foot adjusted with out much pain. This time is different and I am not sure how hard I should push. After struggling for about 30 minutes I put [...]

7 Week Assessment - All Clear!

Just got back from my 7 week assessment with the ortho.  Everything looks good….good tension in the tendon which is a relief because of the divot I had following my fall in week 1.  I take my final wedge out on Sunday and then hopefully will be on the final week of crutches!
Going forward I [...]

Last Wedge! 44 days Post Op

I am down to the last wedge in my aircast now!  Definitely easier to walk with each wedge coming out because my legs are getting closer in length.  The last two times did not hurt when the wedge came out but this time was different…definetly a stretch. On one hand that is means there [...]

Wedge #3 Out - 36 days Post Op

Progress!  I am down to 2 wedges on my walking cast now.  Today I took out the third wedge and was happy to feel a stretch this time in my achilles as that tells me something is happening down there.  I didn’t feel this when I went down to three wedges last week.
I have been [...]

First Blog - 5 weeks Post Surgery

Hello world!
I have been reading this blog now for about 2 weeks and as I read earlier…I now suffer from “achillesblog addiction”.  This is certainly the most frustrating injury I have ever had.  I am 41 and enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle…..until 5 weeks ago.
After reading through the multitude of posts here I am really [...]

Hello world!

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