advice please.

Question: I have a visit back to the hospital on Wednesday week, I have had surgery, I want to ask the following
I have been in a cast for 5 weeks with the foot in a “ballet” position is this normal?
And when will I have an air boot? or will I have one in the UK?
How long can I [...]

Hospital time.

Not being a regular visitor to hospital, in fact I have only ever been a visitor being a “patient” was not even entering my head.
A note to this story before it begins:
  The Achilles ruptured on the Saturday the following Wednesday myself and the wife along with 6 other couples were heading out to Benidorm [...]

How I did it..!

Please excuse from the outset I am not a writer by any means I also have never used a blog before, so this could end up in a bigger mess than a bowl of spaghetti.
My Achilles rupture happened on the 23rd of April I am or was ” or still very unsure” a rugby union [...]