advice please.

Question: I have a visit back to the hospital on Wednesday week, I have had surgery, I want to ask the following

I have been in a cast for 5 weeks with the foot in a “ballet” position is this normal?

And when will I have an air boot? or will I have one in the UK?

How long can I expect to be in one?

When can I have physio?

when can I expect to start the walking without crutches?

I need to be back in work (driving) in 3-4 weeks from now whats the chances?  that will be a total of 8 -9 weeks from ATR.

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  1. Researching this site suggests although the injury is common and well understand the rehab protocol varies from country to country, hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor. I’m in the UK and certainly I went from cast to boot.

    My rehab (which I’m going to have to go through again, but that’s another story!) was 2 weeks in the cast then an air cast boot with wedges for 5 weeks PWB, physio to start something like 6 weeks post-op.

    Only when start having physio and you are in 2-shoes will you be able to assess your ability to drive.

    Good luck.

  2. I agree there is huge variances in procedure, but thanks for the information. I hope all goes well for you second time ?
    Thanks again

  3. Hi
    Here’s a run down of my treatment for you to compare. I’m in Canada and had surgery, then plaster cast for 12 days, foot pointing down. The aircast boot was not covered by healthcare here, but was highly recommended so I purchased it myself for $225 with heel wedges - worth every cent. Had boot on full-time except for bathing, sleeping and flex exercises for 4 weeks, then was out of the boot while at home but wore it when I went outside, for another 4 weeks. Out of it completely at 10 weeks which is when I started at the physio clinic. (Swimming was allowed at 6 weeks after wound was checked).

  4. I’m also in Canada, and my treatment is very similar to Anna’s. Half cast until week 2.5, then straight into the boot. It’s not an aircast, but I think it is better since it’s less bulky. I had to pay $200 for it (but covered under my work extended benefits). I saw an aircast at a garage sale for $0.50 the other day. It’s too bad when you need one it’s not the time you’re usually cruising garage sales.

    If they don’t give you a walking boot, and you get frustrated with sitting around, I would definitely push to get yourself into one. For me walking for 6 weeks instead of crutching is well worth $200.

  5. Kev,

    As for me…I was in a non weight bearing cast for 4 weeks, full weight bearing cast for 2. Doc removed cast and I went into a walking boot. At that time I started PT. 8 weeks total and back into two shoes.

    I found patience is the key.

    Good Luck


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