advice please.

Question: I have a visit back to the hospital on Wednesday week, I have had surgery, I want to ask the following

I have been in a cast for 5 weeks with the foot in a “ballet” position is this normal?

And when will I have an air boot? or will I have one in the UK?

How long can I expect to be in one?

When can I have physio?

when can I expect to start the walking without crutches?

I need to be back in work (driving) in 3-4 weeks from now whats the chances?  that will be a total of 8 -9 weeks from ATR.

Hospital time.

Not being a regular visitor to hospital, in fact I have only ever been a visitor being a “patient” was not even entering my head.

A note to this story before it begins:

  The Achilles ruptured on the Saturday the following Wednesday myself and the wife along with 6 other couples were heading out to Benidorm for a 3day break away from the children, work the house and all its stress’s we had saved for probably 6months and all the bags were packed in the bedroom, so this adds to the frustration that I was about to undergo…

The first visit was to the local hospital only built5 years ago approximately costing 30 - 50 million yet still struggling to find a doctor in it! the triage nurse did what I now know as the Thompson test and was very sure that I had a rupture there was no orthopaedic doctor there so was sent 15 miles to  set off for Morriston hospital just to confirm and to see what was the next procedure,  the wait felt longer than it probably was, but positive notes now the nurse was very professional and very informative explaining what she believed had gone on then the doctor arrived and explained the next stage’s and what was ahead of me.  The doctor continued, there are two schools of thought one is, non-surgical put the foot into a cast for 8-10 weeks and progressively bring it from a pointed position back to a flat walking position  the plus side no surgery and what that entails with infection a stay in hospital etc, the minus is that resuming my sporting activities were not as likely, re-rupture rate was higher he stated 27% more likely, or surgical were you would be looking at 6-8 weeks in total either in cast or air boot resume a slow build up back to full recovery and possibly go back to sports and the gym  etc. I felt that surgery was the best option although it did take a full day and a lot of tears on my wife’s shoulders to decide.

So here goes withe the heartbreak whilst in the A&E it became apparent either decision was going to mean a cast , and no flying!! OMG 3 days in Benidorm gone….  

Saturday night and admitted to be a “patient” …TBC


How I did it..!

Please excuse from the outset I am not a writer by any means I also have never used a blog before, so this could end up in a bigger mess than a bowl of spaghetti.

My Achilles rupture happened on the 23rd of April I am or was ” or still very unsure” a rugby union referee now being on an American website I wonder whether you have ever heard of it ?, but to say that here in South Wales its the national sport it is a fantastic game look it up on YouTube, so one of the sides had just scored points and therefore we go back to the centre of the field were the opposition kick off I am in the centre ready to chase after the ball when as you all can imagine cause I suppose its the title of the website I have this amazing snap in the back of my left ankle it became rooted to the ground it felt as though the connection between my brain and leg was lost, just  destroyed in a split second…gone! then it began the thump thump thump, even as I was talking to the medics on the pitch I could feel it.  I took off my boot and looked down it looked as though there was nothing wrong no blood or bruising just this constant thumping.

Aside from this my eleven year old son was on the sidelines watching the game I never realised until that moment how grown up he was he took my arm and put it over his shoulder to bare some weight I think he realised before I did that I was in a serious condition the walk along the sidelines was long as I have never experienced an early exit being a referee we are  normally the last ones to leave the pitch, again my boy suprised me by phoning his mother as we walked he said Dads had an accident wen need to  take him to the emergency room straight away, eventually we both made it to the changing room were he help me with my kit  bag and clothes 

Before I move on thanks son, I will always appreciate your support  that you gave me on that day “I Love You”

So that it simple…. now the real problems start at the hospital……