Seeking advice from successful rehabs

For those post 6+ months post AHT surgery, wondering if my experience is close to normal (or abnormal). Here’s a quick summary and would love to hear anyone’s thoughts:
* ATR Injury and repair surgery nearly 7 months ago playing volleyball
* 8 weeks in cast, 4 weeks in brace
* PT started at 12 weeks (3x week in gym working on strengthening)
* Full range of motion back

BUT I still have the following symptoms:
* Slight occassional limp when walking
* Achilles area pain (3 out of 10) after walking a lot
* Achilles area pain (3) occassionally when driving (automatic)
* PT says should not try running yet

I feel like I should have been running by now, not feeling any occassional pain, and should not have a limp. Any suggestions or comments from anyone? Thanks.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Your symptoms have me wondering how your calf’s strength is progressing. You didn’t mention how you are doing in that area. Can you do single leg calf raises? If not, you may need to work on your strength some more to get rid of those symptoms.

    Good luck,


  2. Kevin,

    Hello again - I agree wih Doug. Im 11 months on and still experience some pain and stiffness around the ankle joint generally.

    My surgeon said it’s a year to full recovery so you have a way to go yet.

    I worry when I read about folks on the blog who appear to make miracle recoveries in a short space of time - they are all at risk of the dreaded re-rupture.


  3. Kevin,

    I am 8 months post-op. At 6 months you may still have the occasional limp. I know I did. Your PT is right about running. I don’t buy it when a person claims to run normally at 6 months. At my current state I can walk and some limited jogging but with some pain around my ankle area. That may be due to the side effect of my cast wound.

    I’ve got full ROM according to PT standards but it’s not the same as before though which I’m sure we can all understand. I know I am having problems around my suture point. Because of this I’m sure that surgery introduces more problems than what it’s supposed to fix. Too late to cry over spilled milk now…

    What routines and additional healing steps are you doing now? Working out with light weights now will help build up strength and increase your flexibility. At least 12+ months to recover some sort of normalcy from my opinion and outlook.

  4. I’m at 5 1/2 months now and have been running for 6 weeks now (with doc’s OK). I started PT at week 4. I can run 2-3 miles at 9 1/2 min pace outdoors but that’s more from my cardio not being at 100% not my achilles limiting me. I can also jump rope alternating from one foot to the other which is pretty recent. I was in a cast for 2 weeks and then the boot, but was FWB at 4 weeks and in shoes at 7 weeks. My calf muscles melted away with the short period of time I was immobile, so I’ve gotta think your calf/quad is pretty weak. Sounds like you have pain when you get fatigued. Can you do any single leg calf raises ? If not, start out doing them in a pool. I started at neck depth and got to thigh/waist depth after a few weeks ( I was also rehabing 5x or more/week). My surgeon told me recovery is 50% surgery and 50% rehab which I’ve definitely bought into. I’m almost ready to start playing sand volleyball again, but I still think it’s gonna take 2-3 more months of HARD work to get back to 100%

  5. Neil,

    Thanks for your note. You sound like you are progressing as I had hoped to :) I appreciate you sharing your experience and hope to be right there with you in a few more months.

  6. Partial tear occoured on the 12/10/09 no surgery recomended so i am in cast up to my groin.Is exercise required or benificial if so what type.

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