I know many of you have had more than 4 surgeries in 5 years, but for me, I really want to be done with all this.  May 1st, my doctor (same doctor from 08), cuts out another mass that had formed over my ATR repair.  First mass formed in ‘10, and was removed.  He removed not only the mass this time,  but the entire suture from the original repair, and he tells me this will hopefully solve my issue.  Achilles is strong.  No issues with it.

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  1. HOly crap Kevin!
    What are you calling a mass and what persisited to make you go back to the doctor?

  2. normofthenorth

    That kind of surgery — removing the original “dissolving” internal sutures — is what finally cleared up GerryR’s problems with his ATR repair. He was on his 4th surgery, too, and he’s been fine every since. We all hope “4’s a charm” for you, too!

  3. Hi Kevin, Just shouting out to you again and hope you reply to my question last week. I am 19 months now and had a debriedment Dec 2012 and surgeon removed 2 large knots of sutures. He was hesitiant to cut me open again since it took me many months (like 12+), to heal my open wound, but I made him, as I just knew the tightness and area were irritated. What a difference after that debriedment. So now here it is 5 months later, all healed and skinned over again. Minimal scar tissue and not so angry looking. Looking really good. I’ve been massaging the area alot lately as I get stiff and tight at times mostly when at rest. So now I start to feel a little picker coming to the surface. I hate to admit it and just want that “I am satisfied and recovered mindset” but there is more fiberwire working it’s way out of me. Who will ever know for sure but maybe the wound closure problems were from my body rejecting the fiberwire from the start.
    So I am really curious to know if sutchers are what you are referring to being a mass?
    I just want to be done with it all too. This week I went to the massage therapist that worked on me during the recovery. Really good Sports Therapist for $40.00 per hour. I’ve decided to go 3 X’s a week for 1/2 hour sessions after my cross fit and have him do deep massage and work those suckers out. If I am going to need another debriedment, I want it sooner than later and hope I will not need any more. Anyone else have any comments on clean up surgeries after their repairs? Thanks and hope to hear back.

  4. No. The mass was a huge knot that formed rejecting the suture. Doc says my body just walled it off. Knot was about half the size of a golf ball. Puss filled. Tremendous amount of pressure and stiffness. Original suture is completely out now. We shall see.

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  5. Hey thanks Kevin for the comeback!I do hope you are on the mend quickly and the incision closes nicely. As I start with my 3X’s week massages and assisted stretches I hope to work out the tightness and work any sutchers to the themselves from my ankle.

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