Golf Trip to Arizona

July 1st, 2008 | Uncategorized |

Here are a few details for anyone concerned about taking that vacation that is already planned and paid for long before this wonderful injury interrupted life as we know it.  If you want to do it, it’s possible…

Day 1:  Airport was fine.  No issues.  I’m in a boot and FWB, so it wasn’t bad.  I only had one piece of luggage.  I did not take my golf clubs because I knew that it would make it harder on me at the airports-I was borrowing clubs from a buddy.  I was traveling by myself–meeting 5 other guys there.  Played 18 holes that afternoon.  I topped my first three shots, then I figured out how to swing with all of my weight on my left side, which is my good leg by the way.  It wasn’t pretty, but I was playing golf.  The easiest part was swinging.  The hardest part was walking to my ball around the green–negotiating the subtle slopes and undulations.  I had to go very slow, but no one seemed to mind.  It was 115 degrees on day 1, and we had the course to ourselves.  I’m a PGA member and it was hard for me to struggle through the round–I’m used to scoring much better.  I shot 90 (from the tips).

Day 2-3:  My AT was so sore that if I lightly touched it, my leg would jump.  Still, I played on days 2 and 3.  We were scheduled for 36 holes both days, but I only played 18 each day.  Scoring improved slightly, 87 and 84.

Day 4:  Finally, my AT felt stronger.  I was still walking with a limp, but I felt good.  Scoring still struggling–85.  That evening, I took my boot off and I walked around in flip flops.  Not the brightest idea that I had on the trip, but it actually felt okay.  I still couldn’t go swimming, because of the open wound issue.  In all of this Arizona heat, swimming would have been so good.  Oh well.

Day 5:  We only played 9 holes on our last day (shot 41).  Overall, it was a good trip, but it would have been better if I would have been out of the boot.  The wound held up and actually continued to heal during the week of stress, which baffled me.  Overall:  The days were hot, food was great, the beer was cold and delicious, and the golf courses were awesome.

Back Home:  I was feeling so good about my week of golf that I entered a local tournament for professionals.  One day.  18 holes.  I shot 81 with a quadruple bogey on my first hole and a double bogey on #17.  I felt great about the effort.  I won a little dough–not for my 81, but in side games, so all in all it was worth it for me….mentally.  The home health nurse came back yesterday and put the wound VAC back on to help with the closure.  The VAC will stay on through this Friday.  Next doctor’s appt. is not until July 8th–hopefully he will consider moving towards two shoes.   


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  1. Hey kev, How are you doing with the wound healing? hope things are going well. I just ran across your old post regarding the Arizona golf trip. I’m amazed that you could swing a club in the boot. I’m in my boot now (7 weeks post op). I’m trying to figure out how i can swing a club in prep for a Feb golf trip with buddies to Orlando. I injured my left leg. I’m right handed. Any suggestions about how to swing the club? I’ll definitely be asking for strokes!


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