Day 54 Post-ATR

My home health nurse came by this morning to remove the wound vac (4 day cycle–2 dressing changes).  Wound looks much better and seems to be closing as expected.  I leave for Phoenix, AZ for a golf trip in the morning, so I’m back to “wet to dry” dressings for now.  No vac.  Changes will be every other day instead of daily, unless the discharge becomes heavy, then back to daily.  My doc will re-evaluate my wound after the trip to see if the vac goes back on.

Kristin–thanks for the update on the boot and the use of the vac.  I wore my boot all weekend.  No problems.  I appreciate it.

After the vac was removed, I put my boot back on, and left the crutches against the wall.  I put all of my weight on my boot and tried to take a step.  Big limp.  Real big limp.  My knee is very very weak.  But, I’m walking around the house now without crutches—I just look like I’m auditioning for the next “igor” role in a horror flick…..YES, MASTER, WHATEVER YOU SAY MASTER!!

While sitting with my foot flat on the ground, I can lift me heal off of the ground, which will make my calf muscle fire.  This feels very awkward and a little scary.  My doctor has not prescribed any ROM exercises or plans for PT yet.  This is because of my wound not closing yet.  So, as my wound gets better, I’m taking baby steps with the other expected ATR recovery progress on my own.  After reading a couple of posts about re-rupture, I am being extremely cautious. 

So, in my cautious frame of mind, I’m off to Arizona to play golf with a bunch of buddies…we do this every year and I was not gong to miss it due to this wonderful injury.  My plan is to just ride along, drink beer, and hit a few shots for fun.  I have no plans of trying to play all 18 holes every day.  I’ll do what I can.  If I can swing and get around okay, I might try to play every other hole.  We’ll see……

Have a great week. 

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