Posted by: kev34 | February 19, 2009

One year anniversary of rupture!!!

Tore my achilles about this time of night last year playing basketball.. It was a long year to recovery but I have made it this far..You guys that are new to the club hang in there and make the most of your recovery time..Myself, I was off work for about 6 months–drive a UPS truck..Looking back I would have tried to “enjoy” the downtime more, instead of worrying about the bills etc…somehow those things take care of themselves..not really but you know what I mean.. I was able to spend more time with the family–kids playing ball, just hanging out at the house, etc during the recovery..sorta miss that freetime now that I am back to “normal” at work..Been back at work since July 21…achilles never swells up or anything..but it is still tight most everyday..maybe I should stretch it more but who knows…Haven’t tried a competitive game of bball yet but I have been able to play around with the kids on the court and everything with no problems..Everyone stay positive during recovery and your hostage situation (the cast) will be over before you know it…later Kevin


Wow - it is amazing to read the one year posts, from you, Denis and Tom. As I near 10 months, I had hoped at 1 year I would return to 100%. I realize while we are back at all or most of our activities, the foot is still a little different. I guess we now hope that at year 2, this is just all a distant memory!

If you choose to return to bball, hope it goes well. Congratulations on the milestone and your great attitude.

I’ve been thinking back on the last year as well. My rupture anniversary is 3/17…quite a year. I found myself not making any progress after about 8 months, mostly because I stopped working at it. I got to a point where I could live/get around normally and stopped focusing on my calf. Now that the weather’s threatening to warm up, it may be time to get focused again.

Glad things are back to normal for you, -J

Great to hear that things get back to normal, especially those who just did it 2 weeks ago :)

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