Posted by: kev34 | February 19, 2009

One year anniversary of rupture!!!

Tore my achilles about this time of night last year playing basketball.. It was a long year to recovery but I have made it this far..You guys that are new to the club hang in there and make the most of your recovery time..Myself, I was off work for about 6 months–drive a UPS truck..Looking back I would have tried to “enjoy” the downtime more, instead of worrying about the bills etc…somehow those things take care of themselves..not really but you know what I mean.. I was able to spend more time with the family–kids playing ball, just hanging out at the house, etc during the recovery..sorta miss that freetime now that I am back to “normal” at work..Been back at work since July 21…achilles never swells up or anything..but it is still tight most everyday..maybe I should stretch it more but who knows…Haven’t tried a competitive game of bball yet but I have been able to play around with the kids on the court and everything with no problems..Everyone stay positive during recovery and your hostage situation (the cast) will be over before you know it…later Kevin

Posted by: kev34 | September 29, 2008

Question for the wise old ATRers out there???

It has been a little over 7 months since my ATR..been back to work at UPS little over 2 months…still wearing the ankle brace…no problems at work or with the brace…question is do any of you still have or did you ever have tightness in the shin area of the ATR leg?? the muscle from about where my foot attaches to the leg(front) up to about my knee is pretty tight…doesn’t hurt but it does seem to restrict the ROM of my foot when trying to pull my toes up towards my leg….

Posted by: kev34 | July 24, 2008

Finally released and back to work!!

My ortho released me last Wed the 16th and then I got cleared to return to work by the UPS doctors on the 17th…So this past Monday, after only 22 weeks off work, I returned to the big brown truck. Funny how all weekend I felt like a convicted felon having to report to the prison on Monday morning..I was a bit worried about going from doing nothing to going wide open again all at once…Monday was really tough, very hot, I’m outta shape, etc etc…but I was really pleased with the way my achilles held up…it was a little sore but nothing major…I’m wearing an ankle brace so maybe that is what is keeping all the swelling down..I figured it would really balloon up–but it hasn’t…anyway–so far so good, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time..good luck to all and keep your spirits up..Kevin

Posted by: kev34 | July 10, 2008

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel…

Just an update on my status..just have one more pt appt before going back to the ortho next Thursday..therapists say that I have done really well and should most likely be released back to work..I can do everything except for the one foot calf raise…can sorta get off the ground but not really..still tight and little tender, but you’ll know the drill..back in May my ROM was dorsi 10, plantar 14, today it was 14 and 40 so not too bad.
Looking back it does seem like the time has flown by—starting out it seemed like it would never pass..But next Tuesday will be about 21 weeks of this marathon work has been a bit tough on us financially but I got to do alot more things around the house and with the kids this summer..Rookies to the ATR world–just try to make the most of this “downtime” too will pass..

Posted by: kev34 | June 20, 2008

Pt update

Been in therapy for a good three weeks now…been going at it pretty aggressive..stationary bike, treadmill, stretches, toe raises(or something –standing up on the toes), theraband stretches, one legged stands while on a small trampoline catching a ball, stand on bad leg and bend over and touch spot on floor, etc, etc, If I could only do the toe raise with my injured leg I would be good to go–but I can’t seem to get off the ground at this point… I’ve got to get this because I’m trying to get released back to work by this time next month…that will be 21 weeks that I have been off the job…unbelievable…Oh well been off this long–going broke so we said screw it–we are headed to Rosemary Beach area of FLa tomorrow for the week….take it easy Kevin

Posted by: kev34 | May 29, 2008

Therapy really begins!!

Back to therapy today..we got a bit more aggressive in the exercises..the pt is very upbeat and pretty positive they can get me back in pretty good condition in 4-6 weeks..sounds good to me, but I’m still sorta hesitant since all these changes overnight…I’ve been out and about all day without the boot–no problems but I am a little tired tonight..area doesn’t hurt–but is sorta sore and feels kinda weird–hopefully just because I’ve not used it in 14 weeks…Kevin

Posted by: kev34 | May 28, 2008

2nd opinion–hopefully a good one!!!

Saw the new ortho today. He was very positive and easy to talk to. I explained the situation from day one and my experience with the surgeon. He asked who the other guy was–and believe it or not he said I wasn’t the first patient he had gotten from the other guy..He knew about previous doc’s lack of bedside manner and being an a$$hole..pardon the french..anyway he said that there was no reason for me to remain in the boot for another 3 months and to put it aside and walk(cautiously) while I build up my strength..put itback on if I get tired, etc, etc..also said he has no hesitation on my being more aggressive at this point with therapy, etc…just to listen to my body and slow down if it hurts…he stated that he felt the tendon and it felt intact and strong and that an MRI wasn’t needed, after 6-8 weeks there was no reason for me not to have started physical therapy..basically go with therapy and let him know when I thought I was able to go back to work…good news but sorta scary going from one extreme to another….I will just try to take it slow, but at least there is an end in sight..that takes alot off of me—with the other doc there didn’t seem to be an end to this…..hope everyone else had a good day….Kevin

Posted by: kev34 | May 22, 2008

1st therapy

1st therapy this morning–he didn’t want to do much without me checking with new ortho first(next Wednesday). ROM 10 degree dorsi, 14 degree plantar not that great good foot is like 14 and 40 degrees.. but at least I have the ball rolling, maybe..I would say that it all now depends on whether the new ortho will pick up my case or not, since he didn[t do the surgery..taking my kids fishing so I gotta run or scoot or hop or something like like..

Posted by: kev34 | May 21, 2008

Each day is a new day!

LIke I said yesterday, I talked to my primary care doctor and he has gotten the ball rolling..physical therapist called today and wants me to come in tomorrow morning and then I see another ortho next Wed for a second opinion on the healing process..also today a buddy took me out to the golf course–didn’t play too bad for the first time out…drove the ball really well on the front nine–really didn’t loose any yardage even though playing with the boot on..back nine my heel and tendon area was aching a bit…but you have to remember it was my first day with the boot at 10 degree flex so that is stretching the tendon anyway…so I’m going to go ice this baby and see how therapy goes tomorrow…now that something is happening I just pray that I’m doing the right thing trying to get more aggressive with this healing…

Posted by: kev34 | May 20, 2008

The Hostage Seige Continues–Week 13 over

Back to the Doctor this morning…didn’t expect much, and that is exactly what I recieved. He comes in the room, along with a new doc/ doc in training or something..Anyways all he wants to do is change the bledsoe boot from 90 degrees to 10 degrees movement–after 13 weeks that is I ask about therapy.. then I mention this blog–how others are progressing, etc etc….this guy goes off, raising his voice and talking down to me like I’m a 4-yr old–so I let him have it right back..Like he was offended because I ask a simple question..he wants to go 16 more weeks no therapy..I’m still outta work –so I ask politely what exactly is his treatment timeframe/protocol..and what is taking me so long…he goes into another tirade..unbelievable..I’ve had no Mri, no tests, he just says that I need a strong tendon before starting any therapy…of course he doesn’t go into any detail how we get to that point..PA came in and I told him the doc was a S.O.B. Needless to say I came back home, got a quck appt with my regular doc, and he says I need a 2nd opinion….so we will see how it goes the next couple of days…

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