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Hi All

For all of you undergoing recovery I wish you all well, it has been very interesting reading all your comments, and a tad scary!

I have not as yet had my operation but will have to get it scheduled shortly and I was just wondering if you know if having an operation for insular achilles tendinitis with calcification is pretty much the same as having the operation for a ruptured tendon? I have been told a cast for 2 weeks with a boot for a further 6 and a 6 month recovery period so it seems pretty similar to the experiences you have all been sharing.

Also do you feel with all your experience that 6 months is a long enough period for recovery? I know it is all down to individuals but some of your insights would be useful for me as I am due to go on holiday mid February and do need to be pretty mobile.

Thanks for any of your feedback and views in advance.


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