Kenstar2 1st Week of Therapy

Therapy went well in my first week.  This is week 7 post op.  My PT was also quite impressed.  He was impressed with my progress without the boot.  After week 4 I began to slowly ween out of the boot.  I also began my own prescription of therapy by that time.  NWB but simple stretching and flexing that really helped with ROM.  Also a soft ball exercise where you place your foot on top of a small ball while sitting and roll your ATR repaired foot on top of it.  It really helped my foot regained the memory of pressure under the ball of my feet.  Doing these ROM exercises early in my recovery was a plus.

In therapy today I continued with ROM exercises and my PT immediately decided that I was ready for the stationary bike.  I did well.  30 minutes of non stop peddling.  Great cardio….  Worked up a good sweat.  Felt great, was really looking forward to any work out.  My PT is ready to ramp up the session and told me to ditch the walking boot and start wearing sneakers.  Looking forward to it…  On my own I continue to do therapy at home which is very important.  It has helped me very much.  At least twice a day.  It will improve your recovery and speed it up a little.  Some faster than others…  Our bodies are all different but it will help.  Keep in mind that listening to your body is important, rest is important and not doing to much is important.

To me patience is the hardest part of the recovery….

2 Responses to “Kenstar2 1st Week of Therapy”

  1. Sounds great, Kenstar2! Don’t forget to keep Watching Your Step, because you’re entering the period where reruptures are probably most common.

    Rolling your foot over a small ball (tennis, golf, etc.) while seated is also a good way to desensitize the heel and sole, which are often super-sensitive after NWB and PWB, and avoid or resolve plantar fasciitis.

  2. Thanks… I always try not to do to much. And taking my time.

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