My first follow-up

I had my first follow-up on October 9th. It was a brief follow-up. My Ortho unwrapped my bandages and examined my Achilles area. He tested my Achilles to make sure it was attached my having me lie down on my stomach and squeezing my calf muscle. He cleaned the area with alcohol and re-wrapped my Achilles. My Ortho told me he would remove the staples on October 19th. Until that time, he wanted me to start my rehab by doing some light toe wiggling and gently move my heal up and down. Trust me, he stressed gently. My Ortho said it was ok to remove the boot when I shower with SWB on my toes for balance. I asked my Ortho about sleeping without the boot but he advised me not to because of the risk of re-injury if I was awakened and forgot I was wearing the boot. Also, I’m one of those people who have violent jerk movements when I fall asleep and if I wasn’t wearing the boot, I would definitely re-injure myself. However, he did say it was okay to remove the boot while watching tv. However, I tried watching tv without the boot and its not a good idea if your a Cowboy fan because you get excited while watching the game and you can re-injure yourself very easy. LOL!!! photo2

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  1. I had those lovely staples also, 20 of them, but they did a good job!

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