Surgery Day

The day of my Achilles surgery was scheduled at 1145 am on Sept 29th. I was instructed not to eat or drink anything after midnight the day before surgery and to arrive at the surgery center one hour before surgery. My fiancee’ and I arrived at the surgery center one before surgery as instructed. Once I filled out the necessary forms and paid my co-payment, the nurse called me back to the pre-op area where I changed clothes. Once I changed into my gown, the nurse started my i.v. and asked questions about allergies. The anesthesiologist arrived shortly to confirmed my allergies and gave me a heads up on what kind of anesthesia(general) he would be administering. Shortly afterward, my Ortho walked to visit me and gave me a last minute pep talk and refreshed me on proper post op procedures. He prescribed my hydrocodone and reminded me NWB until the follow-up and do not remove the boot. He gathered all of us together for a quick prayer as part of his normal routine. Shortly afterward, the anesthesiologist and nurse administered the anesthesia and carted me to the operating room. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the recovery room in a lot of PAIN and the clock read 210 pm. The nurse asked me on a scale of 1-10, what is my pain level and I said “12″. She administered morphine to reduced my pain level and said I would remain in recovery until my pain level was reduced to a 5. A long story short, I didn’t leave the surgery center until 330.

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  1. Kenny,
    Glad you are out the other side of the surgery. I’m not sure that I’d have found the prayer before hand very reassuring! Hope you are feeling better now (I see the op was a number of days ago).

  2. Good luck with the recovery man - I love the pre-op prayer!


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