Hi Everybody ( good that Dennis has got the site back in operation!)

It is now 12 weeks from my surgical operation to repair my ruptured tendon and all is progressing exceptionaly well. 10 weeks after the op I was given the ok to (a) start driving, and (b) start walking without a “boot”, and I then started my PT. I have now had 3 PT sessions and after general stretching exercises, I am now onto strength building exercises. I am walking unaided without any limp, - a great improvement on the 12 months I had limping whilst suffering just a “tear”. I am able to do gentle chipping , putting and pitching ( golf!) and hope to be able to restart playing properly from April / May.

All in all, the operation and recovery has not been too bad, the worst being the first two weeks post op when I struggled to use the crutches, but as soon as they provided a special “shoe” (week 3) - ( like a big sandal)  and allowed some weight bearing all has been fine.

Good luck to all you fellow suffereres!! Good healing


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  1. Sounds great, Ken! Losing the limp is a great step, and not all of us do that by 12 weeks post-op (or non-op).

    (BTW, I think there’s a “title” blank somewhere that you’ve left blank, which makes this entry look odd on the list. You’ll probably see it when you sign in to the “dashboard”.)

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