6 week Update


Have just had caste removed, and the first thing one notices is the loss of calf muscle- I reckon about 2 inches, plus a swollen foot? Although good to get some air onto the leg, and have a scratch,  all in all I have had little problem with the caste- and certainly no pain at all. The wife has given me some rough textured gloves which is good to remove the  dead skin around the leg and foot, and her conditioning cream is also great to revitalise the skin. Now I have to wear a BOOT! (very similar to a ski boot) which is already set to neutral ( foot and leg at right angles) , with no wedges. Apparently the piece of tendon which was inserted to “bridge the gap” has allowed a little more flex in the tendon so no wedges necessary. Today the hospital made contact to set up my first PT session, which is now the 11th Jan. ( 9 weeks) Then I hope to be advised just how much exercise the tendon will take in order to loosen it up and eventually start strengthening exercises. When I first ruptured the tendon “the future looked bleak”!! but after 6 weeks,  I can now see definite progress and surprisingly the time has gone very quickly. With the weather as bad as it could have been, it wasnt a bad time to rupture the tendon!! - as the golf course has been closed most of the time.

Happy Xmas to all. and keep healing!!


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  1. Sorry they’re making you wait so long for PT. I think you could immediately start doing the gentle exercises that people following bit.ly/UWOProtocol start doing at TWO weeks post-op (or post-non-op). Mostly versions of spelling letters in the air with your toes, keeping your ankle angle below neutral. And if you cover (say) two weeks of those exercises every week, you should be in better shape than expected when your PT actually starts.

    Your status still says “NWB”. True? Wasn’t the walking boot so that you yould start walking? As long as your leg is reasonably comfy at the neutral angle, you should be able to progress to FWB in a couple of days. . .
    I’d avoid any stretches or exercises that put your body weight on your healing leg.

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