Week 1 Ruptured Tendon Repair

Hello All

Week 1 Ruptured Tendon Repair

Had operation on the 9th Nov at 1.30pm and out into recovery by 3.15pm Spent a comfortable night with no pain thanks to effective pain killers. On the 10th generally all ok with visits from the assisting registrar, doctors, physio’s nurses etc etc. Could’nt fault anything about the hospital (Barnett NHS) After some training on crutches by physio team, allowed home. Then the fun started trying to get up the steps into the house- ended up crawling in as crutches too risky. Had a good painfree night after couple of tablets. On the 11th, again a good painfree day - no further tablets until 11.00am ( 12 hrs) Getting used to all the hazards around the house ( stairs etc) but provided I take things quietly all is ok.Planning to get some grab handles around the house to enable to get around and minimise potential risks / falls.

Going forward the plan is - I visit the hospital  next Monday 15th  for a full caste to be fitted which should minimise the risk of damaging repaired tendon  - this  remains on for 2 weeks then a light weight caste should be fitted on the 29th, which remains on for 3 weeks -then  hopefully before xmas I should have a boot fitted and become more mobile.

All in all it hasnt been too bad andI am enjoying the  “waitress service” around the home from my ever caring wife!!

Thats the plan to date- end of blog!


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  1. Hi, sounds like you’re doing well, you will find your own ways of getting around and doing things. I found two pieces of kit which were invaluable. One was a seat that fitted across the bath that I could sit on to shower and a grab rail with a strong suction that fitted onto the tiles on the side of the bath, neither were expensive, I got them from Argos. Oh, and a rubber bath mat with suction pads underneath made me feel safer in the bath.
    The other thing was a waterproof cast cover, the plaster technicians at the hospital should give you details.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Well done Birdie you sound like your doing great. The physical side gets easier. It’s the mental battle that’s tough. Find something that keeps your brain active and when you get down this site is the best source of inspiration but never and I repeat never compare your healing to other people. Remember it’s not a race it’s about getting yourself better and back on your feet. Good Luck Birdie - Carry on blogging but most of all Carry on healing :)

  3. +1 to those comments, and Good Healing!

    If the NHS is really going to buy you a boot eventually, try to get them to put you in it sooner. That doesn’t have to change your schedule for changing to Weight Bearing, or changing your ankle angle. Basically, a boot can do anything that a cast can do, but it has advantages in comfort , adjustability, and hygiene — plus you can carefully take it off and wiggle your foot around while seated, which seems to be good for the leg and the soul!

  4. Hi birdieboy,

    Sounds like all went well and with no pain or stress. I’ve come to the conclusion that different doctors/hospitals must have different recovery points as I left hospital in a full cast and I’m in it until the 22nd. The sooner you can get into a boot the better by what the others have said. Sounds like your wife is having fun….I know mine is to…LOL. As like you I’ve also resorted to crawling up the stairs….but occasionally get brave and hop seems to keep my other leg working anyway….I find it difficult carrying objects like my coffee, so I’ve now moved a kettle and brew facilities into the living room. Well keep in touch, hear from you soon


  5. Just 1 week behind you. Did the achilles playing squash and seem to have all the same problems and challanges around the house. A few useful tips that helped me. Got an office swival chair on wheels and am now able to fly around the house and do a little for myself and aslo placed a few stools / chairs around that enable me to kneel with bad leg but do essentials in bathroom / cooker etc

    Hope the recovery continues to go well and \I will watch progress

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