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This is my first blog so  apologies if I mess up!! After some 12 months recovering from an AT tear, on the 9th Sept 2010, I then tripped over a step and ruptured my right AT, leaving me with no option than to have it repaired surgically. I am scheduled into hospital on the 9th November. I have read with great interest the blogs on this site, and understand some of the problems I have to face. Being a keen golfer. ( 14 H’Cap, - 4/5 times a week) I am not looking forward to 3 / 6 months recovery? The thought of not being able to drive is a real problem, although being a keen bridge player my bridge will also improve! I also hope to keep a regular diary of all my experiences in order to let other  colleagues gain from my exerience. Today I tried walking with two metal crutches- what a nightmare, but no doubt with time and effort I will improve and manage more than a few steps without falling over!! I also tried showering on one leg- not easy!! I am also a magistrate, so wonder how I will manage in court? especially if I have to keep the injured leg above the level of my heart? I can see this is going to be some fun!! Thats all for now, - I will try and post this and see if I have done my first blog correctly. Good luck and best wishes to all Birdieboy

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  2. Hi Birdie boy. The crutches do get easier. After a couple of weeks you’ll have built up the upper body dtrength. The hardest problem for me was the pain in my hands. I found cycling gloves really helped and I used compeed blister palsters for a week till the skin toughened up. Good luck with your surgery and kepp on healing.

  3. Hey,
    You’ll get the hang of crutches, I wobbled all over the place at first but eventually got the hang of it.
    You can buy shower stools really cheaply from Argos , or a seat that fits across the bath - this has been really useful. A rubber mat with suckers on the bottom will prevent you from slipping in the shower.
    I found that foam copper pipe lagging from a DIY shop taped round the handles took the pressure off my hands and wrist.
    Good luck with the op.

  4. is your user name connected to your job ?

    your post suggestd you take positives out of negatives , so being of that personality you’ll get through this easier that not having it . Trust me .

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