Hi Everybody ( good that Dennis has got the site back in operation!)

It is now 12 weeks from my surgical operation to repair my ruptured tendon and all is progressing exceptionaly well. 10 weeks after the op I was given the ok to (a) start driving, and (b) start walking without a “boot”, and I then started my PT. I have now had 3 PT sessions and after general stretching exercises, I am now onto strength building exercises. I am walking unaided without any limp, - a great improvement on the 12 months I had limping whilst suffering just a “tear”. I am able to do gentle chipping , putting and pitching ( golf!) and hope to be able to restart playing properly from April / May.

All in all, the operation and recovery has not been too bad, the worst being the first two weeks post op when I struggled to use the crutches, but as soon as they provided a special “shoe” (week 3) - ( like a big sandal)  and allowed some weight bearing all has been fine.

Good luck to all you fellow suffereres!! Good healing


6 week Update


Have just had caste removed, and the first thing one notices is the loss of calf muscle- I reckon about 2 inches, plus a swollen foot? Although good to get some air onto the leg, and have a scratch,  all in all I have had little problem with the caste- and certainly no pain at all. The wife has given me some rough textured gloves which is good to remove the  dead skin around the leg and foot, and her conditioning cream is also great to revitalise the skin. Now I have to wear a BOOT! (very similar to a ski boot) which is already set to neutral ( foot and leg at right angles) , with no wedges. Apparently the piece of tendon which was inserted to “bridge the gap” has allowed a little more flex in the tendon so no wedges necessary. Today the hospital made contact to set up my first PT session, which is now the 11th Jan. ( 9 weeks) Then I hope to be advised just how much exercise the tendon will take in order to loosen it up and eventually start strengthening exercises. When I first ruptured the tendon “the future looked bleak”!! but after 6 weeks,  I can now see definite progress and surprisingly the time has gone very quickly. With the weather as bad as it could have been, it wasnt a bad time to rupture the tendon!! - as the golf course has been closed most of the time.

Happy Xmas to all. and keep healing!!


5 Week Update

Hello All

Had a new computer installed and lost my Achilles Blog details but have now found most of them so here is the latest update after 5 weeks. Generally all is going well. After the problems of the first two weeks struggling around on crutches I was fitted with a lightweight caste and a SHOE!! on which I was told I could start weight bearing. This transformed my mobility, and gave me great confidence to just walk around the place without fear of “falling”.

On the 20th Dec I visit the hospital where they will remove the caste and I believe fit me with a boot.?

The Achilles itself and the foot generally have been fine with no side effects or pain at all. I now cannot help thinking about  the end  of Jan? when hopefully I will be able to start driving again! and exercising / physio to try and recover some real mobility OH and of course starting a little gentle “putting and chipping”!!

Hope you are all recovering well.


Week 1 Ruptured Tendon Repair

Hello All

Week 1 Ruptured Tendon Repair

Had operation on the 9th Nov at 1.30pm and out into recovery by 3.15pm Spent a comfortable night with no pain thanks to effective pain killers. On the 10th generally all ok with visits from the assisting registrar, doctors, physio’s nurses etc etc. Could’nt fault anything about the hospital (Barnett NHS) After some training on crutches by physio team, allowed home. Then the fun started trying to get up the steps into the house- ended up crawling in as crutches too risky. Had a good painfree night after couple of tablets. On the 11th, again a good painfree day - no further tablets until 11.00am ( 12 hrs) Getting used to all the hazards around the house ( stairs etc) but provided I take things quietly all is ok.Planning to get some grab handles around the house to enable to get around and minimise potential risks / falls.

Going forward the plan is - I visit the hospital  next Monday 15th  for a full caste to be fitted which should minimise the risk of damaging repaired tendon  - this  remains on for 2 weeks then a light weight caste should be fitted on the 29th, which remains on for 3 weeks -then  hopefully before xmas I should have a boot fitted and become more mobile.

All in all it hasnt been too bad andI am enjoying the  “waitress service” around the home from my ever caring wife!!

Thats the plan to date- end of blog!



Hello Everybody

I was interested to read a blog from a fellow sufferer who had used the above “revolutionary”  crutches. ( I Walk Free) . Having tried to use the short aluminium crutches yesterday I found them very difficult ,and  nearly broke my neck down going up ( and then down!!)  the stairs. Anything that makes walking easier must be worth a try?

Does anyone else have any experiences using these?

Many thanks


Hello All AT

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This is my first blog so  apologies if I mess up!! After some 12 months recovering from an AT tear, on the 9th Sept 2010, I then tripped over a step and ruptured my right AT, leaving me with no option than to have it repaired surgically. I am scheduled into hospital on the 9th November. I have read with great interest the blogs on this site, and understand some of the problems I have to face. Being a keen golfer. ( 14 H’Cap, - 4/5 times a week) I am not looking forward to 3 / 6 months recovery? The thought of not being able to drive is a real problem, although being a keen bridge player my bridge will also improve! I also hope to keep a regular diary of all my experiences in order to let other  colleagues gain from my exerience. Today I tried walking with two metal crutches- what a nightmare, but no doubt with time and effort I will improve and manage more than a few steps without falling over!! I also tried showering on one leg- not easy!! I am also a magistrate, so wonder how I will manage in court? especially if I have to keep the injured leg above the level of my heart? I can see this is going to be some fun!! Thats all for now, - I will try and post this and see if I have done my first blog correctly. Good luck and best wishes to all Birdieboy

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