It’s Been Awhile - One year - 9 months

Hey all,

I realized I hadn’t updated this blog for over a year.  It’s been one year and nine months since I had surgery for a Haglund’s deformity (fancy name for a bone spur) which rubbed my achilles in two.  I really struggled with the recovery of this surgery, but am happy to say that my surgery foot is now feeling pretty good.  I still only wear very good shoes, with my custom orthotics.  I also try to not over-do and make my achilles angry.  The bad news I have to report is, I am currently in recovery from having rotator cuff/labrum surgery on my shoulder.  I also had bone spurs there that were cutting into my rotator cuff and labrum.  I didn’t let that go on for as long as I did the achilles.  I had surgery in May, 2014.  It is healing pretty good, but again, just a slow recovery.  The other piece of bad news is that my “good” foot also has a bump on it that is slowly starting to affect my achilles.  It is no where as painful as I let my “surgery” foot get.  But, lord, why, oh why do I keep laying down bone?  I have researched it and have really found nothing.  I have been to several doctors, and they do not know either.  I guess I am glad that I am a tough old bitty and that I have good insurance, because I am afraid a third surgery will be in my future.  Good Luck to everyone on their recovery.  It’s no fun, but you will get there.  Be strong.  Fight.

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  1. Tough old bitty’s rule! I hope you don’t have to have another round of surgery, but prior experience does make it a little easier and it sound like you have had good recoveries. Good luck.

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