Nine Months Post-Op - Finally Getting There !!

December 6, 2013 will mark the nine month mark of my achilles surgery.  To review a bit:  I crippled along on a sore heel for 2 years before finally going to an orthopedic doctor.  The first doctor gave me steroid injections in my knee, but diagnosed me with a bone spur on the back of the heel pushing on my achilles.  He said surgery was an extensive recovery, so he wanted to avoid that.  I stayed with him for 9 months until I could take it no more.  I went to a different orthopedic doctor.  That doctor rubbed the lump on the back of my heel and said I needed surgery immediately.  That was December 0f 2012.  I scheduled surgery for January 2, 2013.  Then I got the damned shingles, TWICE.  That postponed surgery until March, 2013.  Even though my achilles had been gnawed in half by the bone spur,surgery was awesome.  I felt so good.  I was ticked when I wasn’t able to go back to work as a teacher at my 2 1/2 week check up when I had the stitches removed.  The doctor ordered 6 more weeks of stay at home/recovery time.  I finally went back to work on May 6th for the last 2 weeks of school.

I was in physical therapy from the first of May through the summer with the same physical therapist I had gone to before having surgery.  I would think I was getting better and could get out of the stupid moon boot, but I never could.  I began to panic when August rolled around and I was STILL in the boot.  The physical therapist was young, and I absolutely loved him, but he admitted he was out of ideas.

I changed to another physical therapist at the end of August, and she did a lot of hands on/manual therapy.  It hurt like the devil, and she had to touch places that no one should have to touch on me, but I felt a little better.  About two weeks into her therapy, she said she had a “vision” that there was more to my situation than just the ruptured achilles.  With my symptoms and where the pain was located (behind my calf all the way up to under my butt) she thought my lower back was involved.  I thought she was crazy because I’ve been down in the back before, and it wasn’t like this pain.  She explained that she thought it was my lumber 5 pushing on the sciatic nerve.  I had been going to a chiropractor periodically because being on crutches and the boot just make me all stiff and sore.

Well, I ignored her pleading with me to go to a back doctor for several weeks until my back did start to hurt.  This past week, I finally had an MRI on my lower back, and guess what?  She is right.  I do have small bone spurs on my lower spine, alone with nerve entrapment.  My leg still hurts behind my knee and up toward my butt, but at least the pull doesn’t go clear down to my achilles.

I finally feel that the achilles is on the mend.  I have other issues to address, but I’m hoping the achilles is behind me.

Everyone keep working hard.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Everyone is different in terms of recovery time, so don’t let my story scare you.  Many people on this board have been back at their activities within a few weeks.  I always have to be the odd one, and my recovery from achilles tendon surgery is no exception.  Good Luck everyone.

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  1. Congrats on your progress, and I wish you the best.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  2. Pleased that the achilles healing well. All the best for sorting the nerve entrapment and good on your physio for suspecting another cause for your pain. Go gently. Jen

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