Four Months Post Op - Still in recovery

July 6th was my four month post-op milestone.  I had surgery on March 6, 2013 for a Haglund’s deformity which caused my achilles to rupture.  This is been a slow process, and I’m still not there yet.  I hit a brick wall about a month ago when I felt some type of “zap” during an ultrasound treatment.  The surgeon suggested laying off PT until I had my schedule appointment with him.  Last week at the appointment, he agreed that my heel/ankle was still significantly swollen despite icing numerous times a day.  He put me on a 6 day steroid of Medrol.  I thought this was going to be the miracle cure.  It is a taper drug taking 6 tablets the first two days, three tables a day the next 2 days, etc.  I felt really good beginning the 3rd day into the 6th day.  Now, I feel like I’m back to the same old pain.  I had another consult at PT today and it seems that my achilles has healed too short.  It pulls from my heel all the way up to my lower back.  I will do some stretching/lengthening exercises, but now I’m wondering if I’m in for another surgery.

The first orthopedic doctor I went to (for nearly a year) was hesitant to do surgery because he said the recovery would be horrible (he’s right !!) and he talked about cutting my achilles horizontally/scraping off the bone spur/harvesting some hamstring from my good leg/lengthening my achilles, and stitching me up.  This doctor piddled around way too long and I was in too much pain, so I switched to a different orthopedic surgeon.  The second doctor did say I needed surgery right away (which was right since the bone spur had ruptured my achilles) but he said NOTHING about harvesting the hamstring and lengthening the achilles.

So, has anyone healed “too short”?  What did you do?  Now what?  Suggestions?

On the upside, at least I FINALLY ditched the stupid moon boot.  When I took the Medrol steroids, it made me bruise really easily, and the stupid boot made bruises around my leg where I tightened the velcro straps.  With the boot already cause tarsal tunnel on the top of my foot and a Morton’s Neuroma on the bottom of my foot, I just decided to quit wearing it.  I am walking in two shoes with a horrible gimp/limp.  I have to keep my ankle/foot wrapped tightly with an Ace bandage just to give me support.  I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll “turn the corner”!!

Good Luck to all of you on your achilles tendon recovery journey.   Sending “Good vibes” to all of you.  Happy Healing.  : )

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  1. My first doctor wanted to cut my calf muscle to release the tension/tightness of the tendon. My new doctor never mentioned it. I have haglunds and tears in my tendon but no rupture. Although, if I don’t get my surgery date soon, who knows? Hopefully it won’t rupture. Although I’ve been dealing with this for over 3 years, it just seems a lot worse lately. Recovery sounds awful! That’s why I avoided for so long too! Can you make a follow-up appt with your doctor and tell him your concerns? The more I read these stories, the more freaked out I get! I stopped wearing the boot, since I’ve decided on surgery, what’s the point? This will be my last time in awhile without a cast or boot so I should enjoy the freedom.

  2. Fingers crossed that you turn a corner soon! Your experience sounds long and drawn out and verrry painful. You are a trooper! Hope that you can get some relief soon.

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