Up Against a Brick Wall

So, it’s been 15 weeks today that I had surgery for a ruptured achilles caused by a Haglund’s deformity which gnawed it in half (Surgery March 6th, 2013).  I had to post-pone my surgery for two months because I got the shingles not once, but twice.  I was off work from my teaching position for about 9 weeks.  I went back to teach the last 2 weeks and got out of school on May 17th.  I thought since it was summer time and I could rest, ice, go to physical therapy and do my exercises at home that things would be looking up soon.

W R O N G.  I have had more pain in my foot/achilles the last 6 weeks than I had right after surgery.  Sometimes the pain is nearly as bad as before surgery, and much the same pain as before surgery.  I got a jolt from the ultrasound about 3 weeks ago during PT and I’ve been spinning my wheels every since.  They backed way off of my PT, and I don’t do anything at PT that I can’t do at home.  I’ve felt for about 6 weeks that there is still something wrong, and I can’t get anybody to listen.  I don’t know whether it is scar tissue, effects of the jolt from the ultrasound, a cracked heel from the pins holding my achilles, some residual effects of the shingles, or the stupid bone spur (Haglund’s Deformity) is growing back and is pressing on the achilles again.

Well FINALLY, this week at PT I had a heart to heart with the actual PT.  I had been seeing the PT assistants for about six weeks.  I felt REALLY bad asking to see the PT instead of the guy that I usually see, but I am just not getting any better.  I still have not progressed to two shoes (I wear two shoes for several hours, then back to the boot, and I have significant pain most of the time.  I kept telling the PT assistant that it appeared that the bump on my heel was coming back, and he thought it was just swelling and inflammation.  When I saw the PT, I had hardly removed my sock when he said, “WOW, it does look like the bump is getting bigger.”  FINALLY someone is listening.

The PT has been in contact with my surgeon and the PA since I’ve started therapy.  He again called them and I have an appointment next week.  I am to rest, ice, elevate and WEAR THE STUPID BOOT until next week.  I am so frustrated.  AHHHHH    In the meantime, my shoulders are killing me from being on crutches for so long (I’m not using them now though), and if I don’t get out of this boot soon, I think I will need a hip replacement on my good leg !!!! HA

So, my question - Has anybody ever had the bone spur grow back? If so, then what?  Another surgery?  Will it keep coming back a third, fourth, fifth time?   Anybody else have this long of a recovery time?

Good Luck to all of you with your recovery on your achilles.  I hope things are going good for you.  Keep your head up and be an advocate for your own recovery !!!

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  1. You definitely have a reason to be frustrated!! We can all relate to your shoulder pain from using the darn crutches. I can also relate to the sore hip - maybe we can get a group rate on hip replacements. When I was in that stage, the only good thing about the shoulder/neck pain was that it took my mind off the darned achilles for a bit. Good for you for persevering and being your own advocate Sorry I can’t help re: the spur . Hopefully, you’ll get some answers when you see your surgeon next week. We’ll all be sending positive vibes your way and will be anxious to hear how you visit goes.

    Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a massage!

  2. No help here with your REAL problem, sorry! But your boot-walking should be very NORMAL. If you’re overloading your “good” hip, you may be doing somehing wrong — either you haven’t balanced the heights of your 2 feet, or you’re otherwise walking abnormally (hyperextending knee, toes out, “peg leg”, etc.). Don’t Do That!

  3. Keep on keeping on! Sorry that you are going through such a rough spot. :(

  4. Glad that you talked to the actual PT–what you are going through sounds beyond frustrating. I hope you get sorted. Good luck and hang in there!

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