The Roller-Coaster Meets Mother Nature

I thought everything was all set.  I had re-scheduled my Haglund’s/achilles surgery for February 27th, 2013.  I had an appointment with the PA on the Friday before my scheduled surgery on the following Wednesday so he could give his okay on my recovery from shingles.  At this point, my heel/foot/leg hurt so bad, that I took a personal day on Wednesday, February 20th.  There was a huge snow-storm forecast for the following few days, so I was counting on snow days on that Thursday and Friday just so I could stay home and rest for my surgery the following Wednesday.

Mother Nature granted me my wish for the snow-storm and we did end up having two days off from school.  However, the snow was bad enough that the PA didn’t get to travel from Nebraska to the outreach clinic here in Kansas, so I wasn’t able to go to my appointment to have my shingles outbreak checked.  Meanwhile, I had these suspicious looking blisters on my lower, left leg that kind of looked like another outbreak of the shingles.  I really couldn’t tell whether they hurt or not, because the left leg was the one that had the Haglund’s deformity/achilles problem and it was already hurting so bad, the blisters didn’t make much difference.

I stayed home all weekend; snowed in.  That Monday, I went to the county health nurse to have her check the blisters.  She thought they might be another outbreak of the shingles, or impetigo, in either case, she said they wouldn’t do surgery.

So, for the second time, I had to cancel my achilles surgery.  I was able to get in to my dermatologist so the blisters could be cultured for either a virus or a bacteria.  I spend the rest of that week waiting on the results from the dermatologist.  Both tests came back negative, so I scheduled surgery a THIRD time for March 6, 2013.

By this time, I was in such severe pain, I spent the week with my foot on ice, elevated, eating ibuprofen and anything else that I thought might relieve the pain.  Surely the third time of scheduling surgery would be a charm.  March 6th couldn’t come soon enough.

2 Responses to “The Roller-Coaster Meets Mother Nature”

  1. Still teasing us, are you? It’s probably too late now to tell you that most experts believe that NSAIDs like ibuprofen are bad for healing tendons. . . (though I’ve never actually seen a scientific study with evidence of that).

  2. Normofthenorth, what is recommended instead of NSAIDs? I’ve been taking Naproxen for the throbbing pain near the incision area.

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