Choosing A New Doctor

After crippling along from March, 2012 to November, 2012, I finally decided I could take it no longer.  I had been through 3 rounds (about 25 sessions) of physical therapy, had orthotics custom made, used heel cups, pain patches, and the pain had not subsided.  I asked my family doctor what she advised, and she recommended an orthopedic group that was located in Kearney, Nebraska.  Ironically, one of my former 4th grade students is a PA for this group.  (I had to just get over the “weirdness” that one of my former student was going to be looking at my heel/foot!!)

During the first visit to my former student, the orthopedic PA in November, 2012, he was immediately concerned and said that from the looks of things, I probably needed surgery, but he wanted an MRI first.  After making an appointment for an MRI, and meeting with the orthopedic doctor, I decided to schedule surgery.  I had a bone spur, called Haglund’s deformity on the back of my heel and it was rubbing on my achilles tendon.  I asked if the achilles would hold  until after the holidays.  They told me that yes, it would be okay to wait another four weeks, but, to get surgery scheduled ASAP after the first of the year.  January 2, 2013 was the day that things were GOING to be getting better.

That was.. until December 24, 2012 - Christmas Eve day.  I had this mysterious rash on my right shoulder blade that hurt like the devil, and I had been down with the stomach flu TWICE in the past week.  I am NEVER sick, so this stomach flu thing really got me down.  I decided to go to a walk in clinic on Christmas Eve day.  The on-call doctor took one look at the shoulder and told me what I had already thought about -”SHINGLES”.  I told him that I needed to hurry up and get better, because I had achilles tendon surgery scheduled for the following week.  He looked at me over his little “doctor glasses” and shook his head NO, and said, “It will be 8-10 weeks before you can have surgery!”   What, 8-10 weeks.  My poor achilles couldn’t last that long, and with the pain I was already in, I couldn’t handle waiting that long.  The pain was now not only in my achilles, but all the way up in calf and into the back of my thigh.  Each step was severe pain.  Sometimes the pain would sub-side after taking a few steps, but these last few days, it was just constant pain.  Even rubbing the bed-sheets across my heel was painful.  8-10 weeks was going to be a long time to wait.

The roller-Coaster Rolls oN !!!!

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  1. And THIS is a long time to wait, too, Kelli!! Be nice and give us the next installment SOON!! :-)

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